Mascara is one game-changing makeup product that every girl needs in her vanity. Irrespective of whether you are creating a nighttime smokey eye or going for an everyday no-makeup makeup look, completing your eye makeup with some mascara will accentuate your eyes and take the look several notches higher. 

But despite being commonly used, a lot of women tend to misapply it, resulting in spidery, clumpy lashes. Sailing in the same boat? You’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply mascara for on-fleek lashes. 

Applying Mascara Basics  

Do you want to know how to apply mascara like a pro? The basic rule is that mascara should always be the last step in your eye makeup routine. Therefore, always finish your eye makeup, applying eyeshadow, eyeliner and kajal before moving on to the steps mentioned below. Also learn other simple rules of applying mascara for the best results. 

1. Choose Mascara 

How to apply mascara for beginners? First, you need to choose the right product for your type of lashes, eye shape, and desirable effect. What are the common types of mascara? Mostly depends on their shapes of brushes, and product formulas. 

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If your lashes are straight, the curling mascara, like the Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara with smart curl brush, will visually open up your eyes and make them look bigger. Its thin brush will suit perfectly if your eyes are narrow. Besides, this light weighted mascara contains D-Panthenol to make your lashes healthy, smooth, and strong. How to apply curling mascara? Basically, it works like a hair mousse for your lashes, so you need to brush them up from the roots, giving a shape, and mascara will hold them. 

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If you want to make your lashes fuller, try Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara infused with calendula extract and castor oil to make your lashes stronger and thicker. This product helps to volumise your lashes without weighing just in a few swipes. 

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Lakmé Absolute 3D Lash Volumizer mascara will help you to achieve a stunning 3D effect due to its intense black pigment and highly fibrous brush. The unique formula provides simple and effortless application without flakiness. 

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2. Decide Your Colour / Tone 

Obviously, the most common shade of mascara is black, but it’s not necessary you need to choose this colour. For example, you can try Lakmé Eyeconic Blue Mascara with light weighted formula and curling effect. Rich Royal Blue shade has a lot of benefits — the blue colour visually bleaches the eye whites, that provides less tired and more youthful look; also, blue colour perfectly matches with brown eyes. 

3. Curl Those Lashes 

How to apply mascara well? After you’ve finished applying the rest of your eye makeup, go ahead and curl your lashes. Warm (don’t heat) the curler with your hairdryer, place it as close to the lash line as possible and gently clamp the lashes. Repeat the same process on to the mid-lengths and then the tips for perfect, gravity-defying curls. 

4. Apply from Base of Lashes 

How to apply mascara for volume? Generously spread the product to the roots, so your lashes will look thicker. The secret of dramatic look is to fill in your eye contour with the pigment as much as possible — to achieve this technique, learn how to apply kajal and mascara.  

Keep in mind that mascara does not only colouring your lashes, but it’s also possible to slightly change your eye shape with this product. For example, you can apply it intensively on the base of your lashes and to the outer corner to get the cat eye look. Learn other different ways of how to apply your mascara

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5. Give Your Lashes a 2nd Coat 

If you want something more dramatic or simply like thicker and fuller lashes, you can layer the curling mascara with a volumising mascara like the Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara. Its long term curl memory formula helps to achieve thicker, gorgeous lashes. Using different mascara formulations gives you better results and make those peepers pop. 

How to apply mascara for long lashes? Applying the second coat will also help to get really long lashes. Just apply the first coat to the root, and in the second step make a build-up on the tips of your lashes. 

how to apply mascara woman smudges

Common Mistakes to Avoid  

Make the best of your mascara and avoid these common mistakes!  

1. Smudges 

Are you still wondering how to apply mascara without smudging, or how to apply mascara without getting it on your eyelid? That possibly means that your mascara brush doesn’t fit your eye shape. If you have small, or narrow eyes with drooping eyelid, just choose mascara with a thin brush and short bristles to reach the roots of your eyelashes without smudges. Although, smudges are easy to remove — just let them dry and then wipe with a wet cotton swab. 

2. Clumping 

How to apply mascara without clumping? Take your mascara and wipe off any excess product to avoid clumping. Now, look up and place the wand as close to your lower lash line as possible and pull it upwards in a wiggling motion. That’s how to properly apply mascara without clumping, so each of your lashes will be perfectly coated in mascara. 

How to separate eyelashes after applying mascara? Comb your lashes using a lash comb to separate each lash and add some length. You can even apply some eyelash primer if you aren’t using a waterproof formula or have watery eyes. 

3. Going to Sleep with Mascara 

Just never do it, because it’s bad for your skin, lashes, and harmful for your eye health. Some mascaras are easy to remove with warm water; waterproof formulas need to be first dissolved with oil, or micellar eye product, then washed off with a face cleanser. That’s all, and no black marks on your pillow case! 

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FAQs about How to Apply Mascara  

How to apply mascara for Asian eyes? 

Asian lashes are usually straight, so first you might need to curl them. For narrow eyes, choose a mascara with thin brush and short bristles, wipe the excess of product, and pull up your eyelid while applying the product to avoid smudges.  

How to apply clear mascara? 

Clear mascara is just a product without pigment that can be used for holding your lashes, add them gloss, and give a slightly darker shade. You can apply clear mascara as a regular mascara to achieve the no-makeup makeup look. 

How to apply eyeliner and mascara for beginners? 

Here are the few simple rules of how to apply mascara and eyeliner for beginners: 

  • Start with eyeliner because it’s easier to draw a wing with bare lashes. 

  • Once you draw a wing, and then apply mascara to your lashes, you may notice an empty space along your eye contour. Just fill it with a kajal to create a more put together look. 

  • Sometimes, if you make a thick and long wing, your lashes may look short and thin in comparison. In this case, you may add a bunch of false lashes, otherwise, choose thinner and shorter wings. 

Now you know all the basic tricks and hacks of how to apply mascara, also check the BB’s simple and all-purpose makeup guide