Venturing into the world of makeup may seem exciting at first, but once you start, it can get a little tricky. As a beginner, you may face a few challenges to get your makeup look right. But hang in there,’cause you know what they say — practise makes perfect.

Wearing matte eyeshadow is not everyone's cup of tea, but the fact that it looks so stunning makes every beginner want to try it. If you’re looking for a guide to learn how to wear matte eyeshadow then you've come to the right place! Here's how to wear matte eyeshadow like a pro.

how to apply matte eyeshadow like a pro

Image courtesy: @makeupbytorifrench

Step 01: Primer

Apply a little bit of primer on both eyelids. This will ensure your matte eyeshadow stays matte and doesn’t budge throughout the day.

Step 02: Apply base

From your eyeshadow palette, pick the second lightest shade and apply all over the lids — this will form the base.

Step 03: Make the inner and outer corners dark

Now, pick a darker shade and apply on the inner and outer corner of the eyes creating a 'V' shape.

Step 04: Define the crease

This step will pull your whole eye makeup look together and enhance the shape of your eyes. Pick the darkest shade from the same colour range and swipe into the crease. Blending into a circular motion. Blend everything together to get rid of harsh lines and make everything appear seamless.

Step 05: Swipe on mascara

Apply two coats of mascara to finish off the look and open up your peepers.

Main image courtesy: @kiaraaliaadvani