Can you imagine a super dressy makeup look without a flick of eyeliner? Neither can we! This is the easiest way to spruce up your eyes and take any eye makeup look several notches higher. Whether you are an elaborate, blending-multiple-eyeshadows kinda girl or prefer simple mascara and lipstick, you cannot ever end up ignoring the eyeliner.

But if despite achieving the perfect flick, does it feel like your eyeliner just doesn’t look good enough? If yes, then the problem could be that the eyeliner doesn’t really work with your particular eye shape. In order for the eyeliner to look pretty, enhance your eyes, add depth and do everything else that it is supposed to do, you ought to take into consideration the shape of your eyes. This will not only enhance your eyes more beautifully, but also make applying it a lot simpler.

To give you a better idea of what we mean, here’s a complete guide on the different eye shapes and what winged eyeliner would look best with each shape. Go ahead, take a look and don’t forget to thank us later!


1. Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes

Image courtesy: @aliaabhatt

Hooded eyes are determined by lesser eyelid space and typically no crease, especially when your eyes are open. This type of eye shape may feel like it is difficult to work with, but it is really not the case. With just a few simple tips, drawing a winged eyeliner on hooded eyes is really simple. The main trick to get it right is to apply a thicker eyeliner on the outer part of your eye. Ensure that you keep the eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. This will help open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.


2. Almond shaped eyes

Almond shaped eyes

Image courtesy: @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb

The main characteristic of almond eyes is narrow outer and inner corners with an overall oval shape. Further, in most cases, the top and bottom part of the iris in almond eyes is covered by the upper and lower eyelid. The outer eye corner is also slightly lifted upwards if you have almond eyes. Since this eye shape has a lot of lid space, you must take full advantage of this. This is why there are no rules when it comes to applying eyeliner to this eye shape as everything looks good. But the best way to enhance almond eyes is to apply a creamy product and smudging it out for a slightly smoky and sultry effect.


3. Round eyes

Round eyes

Image courtesy: @aslisona

This eye shape is quite self-explanatory. Round eyes are similar to almond eyes, except that the former has more visible white area when compared to almond eyes. This eye shape also has a prominent crease and the lower eyelid is quite round, making your eyes appear bigger than most other eye shapes. The best way to dress up this eye shape is to make them appear elongated. Simply extend the winged eyeliner in a downward angle at the outer eye corner. Keep the rest of the eyeliner thin and apply it only until the middle of your eyelid to reduce the roundness of the eyes.


4. Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes

Image courtesy: @carolinejkim

People with monolid eyes have very little or no visible crease at all. It is very important to be careful when creating a winged eyeliner for this eye shape; otherwise, you can run the risk of your eyes looking even smaller. It is important to keep the eyeliner thin and crisp and stay as close to the lash line as possible. A tip we truly love for applying eyeliner to monolid eyes to always start from the middle of your eye and create a wing outward and then complete the look by starting from the inner corner and finishing in the middle.


5. Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes

Image courtesy: @katrinakaif

If you notice the outer corners of your eyes tend to droop downwards, then you have downturned eyes. This eye shape can sometimes look tired or sleepy, and this is something one needs to keep in mind when applying winged eyeliner to this eye shape. Start by drawing a thin line from the inner eye corner and thickening it as you move outwards. Create a slightly thicker flick of wing at the outer corner and extend it up towards your crease. This will brighten up your eyes and instantly make you look more awake.


6. Upturned eyes

Upturned eyes

Image courtesy: @kendalljenner

The complete opposite of downturned eyes, upturned eyes indicates that the outer corner of your eyes faces slightly upwards. In this type of eye shape, your lower lid is a lot more prominent and the upper eyelid is slightly hidden and less noticeable. Start by drawing a thin line starting from the inner eye corner. Keep making it slightly thicker until you reach the outer corner and extend it to create a wing parallel to your eyes. Next, draw a thin eyeliner on your lower lash line and connect it to the wing on the upper line. This will immediately give your eyes a beautiful, uniform appearance.


7. Small eyes

Small eyes

Image courtesy: @anushkasharma

If your eyes are smaller in comparison to the rest of your facial features, and the gap between your eyelashes and eyebrows is very little, then you’ve got small eyes. Needless to say, the winged eyeliner for your small eyes needs to make your eyes appear bigger. The best way to do so is to opt for shimmery or metallic eyeliners as they reflect light and end up making your eyes appear brighter. Always apply the eyeliner on the upper lash line only, as applying it on the lower lash line can further make your eyes appear smaller.


8. Deep set eyes

Deep set eyes

Image courtesy: @shraddhakapoor

If your eyes look like they are positioned deep inside the socket and usually feature a more prominent brow bone, then you have deep set eyes. This can more often than not end up covering and overshadowing your eyelid. Avoid thick lines in the inner corner, as this can make your eyes appear even smaller and more deep-set than they already are. Increase the thickness of the winged eyeliner in the outer half of your eye. Repeat the same process on the lower lash line as well. Join the two lines together on the outside to make your eyes pop.


FAQs about winged eyeliner

FAQs about winged eyeliner

Q. What is the difference between winged and cat eyeliner?

A. A winged and cat eyeliner are both trendy eye makeup looks and the terms are often used interchangeably. But they are slightly different from each other. A winged eyeliner usually features just a small flick in the outer eye corner facing upward. But a cat eyeliner has a more prominent and thicker winged eyeliner that joins both the upper and lower lash line.

Q. Do winged eyeliners make your eyes appear bigger?

A. Yes, winged eyeliner can make your eyes appear bigger and more defined. But in order for it to do so, it is really important to place it correctly and use the correct winged eyeliner for your face shape. Do not over-extend it outwards or upwards and always apply a little bit of the eyeliner to the lower lash line too. This will complete your eye makeup look and ensure that your eyes appear bigger.

Main image courtesy: @aashnashroff and @debasree