5 Ways To Rock A Two-Toned Eye Makeup Look

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 ways to rock a two-toned eye makeup look

When it comes to eyeshadows, the more colours we use the merrier. But if you have subpar blending skills and struggle with blending multiple eyeshadow shades to create a seamless look, worry not. We’ve come armed with inspo to help you nail the two-toned eye makeup look, without having to stress about the blending!


01. Mix colours with whites

05.  Use pastels

Image courtesy: @620sq

Laundry rules dictate to never mix colours with whites, but this makeup technique has other ideas. You can practically mix any pigment with a white shadow to create a two-toned look.

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02. Pair shimmer with matte

05.  Use pastels

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This celestial eye makeup look may seem intimidating at first, but is pretty easy to do and requires little to no blending skills. Simply apply a brown matte eyeshadow as a base and then gently dab shimmer or loose pigment over it. Place the shimmer/pigment only on ⅔ of the lids — not going above the crease — to create this stunning look.

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03. Add neon to the inner eye

05.  Use pastels

Image courtesy: @avoevodina

If you are a complete starter in the makeup game, use this simple trick to add a second tone in your shadow. Dab any neon pigment in the inner corner of the eye; it is dramatic, quirky and requires minimal blending to get right.

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04. One for each eye

05.  Use pastels

Image courtesy: @kendallsaundersbeauty

The mismatched eyeshadow trend baffled us at first. But given how adorable it looks, we have come to love it. To create your mismatched eyeshadow look, you can either choose complementary colours or hues that are complete contrast with each other — there are no rules with this one!

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05. Use pastels

05.  Use pastels

Image courtesy: @elpltt

Pastel colours are comparatively easier to blend as opposed to metallics or deeply pigmented hues. So, if you do want to try your hand at blending, but with low chances of having to wipe it off, go for pastel colours. You can even take a cue from this look and leave them un-blended, with a distinctive line in-between, it’ll still work!

Image courtesy: @debasreee

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