Eyeliners are one of the best makeup products ever created. Period.

It amazes me what a tiny line on your eyelids can do for your look. Over the years, we have seen so many different ways to wear this eye makeup staple. While cat eye still remains everyone’s favourite, overdrawn cat eye has grabbed a lot of attention recently with bloggers and celebrities hopping onto the bandwagon.

This dramatic version of the classic cat eye is quite easy to create. If you are looking to add some drama to your eye makeup — this tutorial has your name written all over it.

overdrawn cat eye look

How to create the overdrawn cat eye look

You will need:

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Brown eyeshadow
  • Gel eyeliner

Step 01: Start by applying a tiny amount of primer on both your eyelids — this will create a smooth base for your dramatic cat eye look.

Step 02: Now, apply a liquid concealer such as the Lakme Absolute White Intense Liquid concealer and blend well. This will ensure your cat eye looks bold and prominent.

Step 03: Swipe on an eyeshadow that’s closest to your natural skin tone as a base.

Step 04: Now, take some gel eyeliner on a eyeliner brush. We recommend using the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal — its applicator ensures precise application. Draw small strokes on your upper lash line to create an outline.

Step 05: Follow the natural shape of your eyes and once you reach the outer corner, extend a little and draw a neat flick. Adjust the thickness depending on how bold you want your cat eye to look.

Step 06: Fill in the outline you created with kohl and clean up mistakes (if any) using a Q-tip dipped in micellar water.

And voila, you’ve got yourself a stunning eye makeup that will set hearts aflutter on the ‘gram.