Exploring How To Do Eye Makeup To Ace Trending Looks This Summer

Written by Lopa KAug 14, 2023
Exploring How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

Want to learn how to do eye makeup? Especially in this Indian summer where everything is bound to melt under the sweltering heat? Well, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that may help you ace the trending eye makeup looks while making sure it lasts all day long. 

Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks: The Basics   

But before we get into how to do eye makeup, let us take a look at some of the eye makeup trends in summer 2023. We have a number of looks asserting their place since 2022, some favourite trends making a comeback and experimental looks that just seem to work. 

Trending Eye Makeup Looks This Summer


1. Grunge look

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

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Siren eyes and subtle eyeliner have been replaced for a sooty, grunge look with dramatic lashes. The darker the better as you can easily take your forgotten kajal lying around and get to smoking it on the outer corner of your eye. Possibly inspired by the gritty looks of Coachella and the retro makeup of Daisy Jones & The Six, You season 4 and Poker Face, the drama is all in the eyes.


2. Rhinestones

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

Image credit: @czarinallane   

Something shifted in the air when Euphoria debuted Maddie’s iconic rhinestone looks and since then makeup trends have changed for good. While it has been toned down, rhinestones are still around and it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon. However, for summer 2023, we are taking it easy with muted colours and minimal rhinestones to go with the neutral and subtle makeup everyone is opting for nowadays.


3. Under eye makeup

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

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Looks like kajal is not the only thing being applied below our eyes. Under-eye makeup has become all the rage now as it started out as a way to give more depth and dimension to monolids. You can keep it constrained to just under your eyes or blend it with your blush for that sun-kissed look.


4. Single pop of colour

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

Image credit: @sukiwaterhouse  

The single pop of colour trend is possibly a blessing for us newbies who have no clue how to work in multiple colours or do a smokey eye. It is stylish, easy to apply and easy to rock as well if you are not confident with makeup yet. Get the trendy look just by applying a colour that suits your outfit and that’s about it!


5. Barbiecore makeup

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

Image credit: @babskymakeup 

Are you suddenly seeing the colour pink everywhere? It may have something to do with the eagerly awaited live-action Barbie movie starring IRL Barbie, Margot Robbie. This pop culture moment has taken the world by storm since 2022 when we first got a glimpse of the movie and since then it has been pink, pink, pink everywhere aka Barbiecore since this pretty colour represents this toy the best.   

Tips on How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer   

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

1. Primer 

 Starting off with primer before anything is how to do eye makeup the right way. It basically acts as a base for your makeup to hold on to and last all day. For some added benefits, you can try something like the Lakmé Absolute Glow Primer which has glowing pearls and glycerine giving you a natural highlight and dewy finish on your brow bone and eyelids. It is also sheer and easy to blend, smoothening any imperfections no matter your skin type. 

2. Concealer 

Call it lucky or unlucky, most of us girls have dark circles and equally dark eyelids for whatever reason. Sometimes this works in our favour to give us a natural smokey look while other times, less pigmented eyeshadows are not even visible. If you are working with such a product, the first thing you need to do is apply concealer around your eyes. Dot a little on your eyelid and under your eye. You can apply more on the bottom inner corner of your eye and below the outer corner of your eye for a lift. Then taking a brush or beauty blender, blend it all in.

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

3. Mascara 

Long and fluttering eyelashes have the power to elevate any eye makeup look in an instant. Whether it looks boring or something is missing, put on some mascara or falsies and jazz it up without fail. But to keep things easy on the eyes this summer, no need for any false lashes but some lightweight and waterproof mascara. In comes the Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara which easily adds volume to your lashes without clumping them. Just run the wand in a zig-zag motion from the mid-length to the tip of your eyelash.

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

4. Kajal and eyeliner 

Just like every sentence needs punctuation to complete it, every eye makeup needs a full stop to complete the look. And so whether it is a smokey eye or a monochromatic look, we Indians love to end it with liner and kohl-rimmed eyes. Sometimes, just these two are enough for a casual, day look. So, if you want to learn how to do eye makeup, take the ever-favourite Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal and outline your eyes by drawing on your waterline in just one stroke. You don’t have to worry about it smudging as it is smudge-proof even in the hottest summer but easy to take off at the end of the day. 

Complete the look with the long-lasting Lakmé 9 to 5 Black Impact Liner which actually stays all day. A deep black, the intense colour shows even on glittery and powdery eye makeup. And if you are a rookie at drawing wings, no need to fret as you can keep working on it in short strokes as it dries instantly without smudging or creasing. 

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

5. Eyeshadow stick 

Most of the 2023 eye makeup trends are all about a single pop of colour, colourful graphic designs and the like. So, what better way to learn how to do eye makeup and accurately apply a single swipe of colour than a crayon-shaped eyeshadow like Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Shadow Stick? Thicker than your usual eye pencils and kajals, it is easy to apply thanks to its smooth and lightweight texture. This also allows you to effortlessly blend out the corners if you are in the mood for a soft, smudged look. It also doubles up as a liner if you want to experiment with dramatic wings. Just pick one bright colour whether it is the pigmented Shimmering Gold or the Subtle Pink and get to acing your summer makeup.

How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer

6.  Eyeshadow palette 

Summer equals bright and colourful makeup but unfortunately, sometimes these shades don’t even show up on our Indian skin tone. This does not mean that you cannot try out a bright purple or pink while getting ready to watch the new Barbie movie! Embrace your girly and feminine side with the pink-themed palette of Lakmé’s Absolute Explore Eye Shadow Palette - Purple Haze. Just one swipe gives you an intense result with a smooth and seamless finish. The matte shades are as matte as possible while the glittery ones have shimmering iridescent particles that are perfect for a party look. 

FAQs about How to Do Eye Makeup to Ace Trending Looks This Summer 

Q1. What is the colour of summer 2023? 

Evident from the latest Fashion Weeks and huge socialising events, there have been some recurring fashion trends including a couple of colours that have stood out. These include the obvious pink, green which has continued since 2022 winter and the rising of the bright red. 

Q2. How to make my eyes look bigger? 

Adding a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye, a half eyeliner and mascara or falsies to the centre of your eye can make your eye look bigger. In contrast, the siren eye trend which includes dark colours on the outer corner of your eye can make it look half-open and sultry. 

Q3. What eyeliner trend is currently trending? 

Having started out on Beauty TikTok, it is the negative wing which makes use of concealer and our naturally dark-toned skin around our eyes. Apply concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone and shape it in a wing from the corner of your eye to your temple and blend it in.  

Q4. Can I do eye makeup first? 

Yes, you can. In fact, many makeup artists recommend doing your eye makeup first so that your base is not messed up if you make any mistakes. After you are satisfied with your eye makeup, you can go ahead with your foundation.

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