Good news for the winged liner loyalists! There is a new winged eyeliner trend on the block that you might want to give a try. Hell, you might even make it your new go-to look. Nothing beats a classic wing, but what if we told you a triple flicked liner is totally stealing the show? That’s right. A feather-like multi-wing liner has replaced your standard wing and we are here for it. It doesn’t have an official name, but we like to call it the brush stroke liner.

We have spotted celebrities like Bhumi Pednekar and Adah Sharma sporting the look and nailing it. While Adah’s was neon and quirky, Bhumi rocked a shimmery blue feather stroke on her eye. Both the looks proved that it could be as chic and quirky as well as glamourous. So, if you are already drooling over this eyeliner trend (like me) here is how you can get the look.


How to :

How to :

Step 01: Moisturise and prime your eyes to make the eye makeup last longer

Step 02: Line your upper lid by drawing a very thin stroke of the eyeliner. Keep it close the lash line. You can use liquid, gel or pen liner

Step 03: Next, draw a wing on the end of the liner as you usually do. Extend it over to the outer corners of your eye if you want to. Just keep it sharp and smooth

Step 04: Draw a tiny wing above the winged liner you just drew. Join it with the stroke of liner on the lash line, making it thicker. Join it with the inner corner

Step 05: Now, draw one last wing above the second wing and join it with the inner corner. Make sure the liner on the inner corner is thin and splits into three wings creating a feathery, brush stroke-like look. And, voila!