Wearing glossy, shiny, wet-looking eye makeup isn’t for everyone. If not done the right way, it could look extremely shabby or just end up making you look greasy. But if done right, glossy eyeshadow can make you look fresh and glowing! Besides, glossy eye makeup has been huge on the international runways lately, so beauty junkies, you should give it a shot!

From Bollywood actresses to influencers, everyone has been sporting this trend on their eyes. And the best part about this makeup trend is that it is really wearable, requires little maintenance and no investment. Sure, it might need a touch-up midway through your event, but if that doesn’t bum you out, go right ahead and try it!

There’s a really simple way to make any eyeshadow glossy using just two things – any powder eyeshadow of your choice and some lip gloss. Read on to find out how.

how to make any eyeshadow glossy

DIY glossy eyeshadow

Step 01: Start by applying an eye primer on your entire eyelid. This will keep your eyeshadow from transferring and creating a mess.

Step 02: Scrape a little eyeshadow from the palette into a clean, small container.

Step 03: Add a little bit of a colourless lip gloss to it and mix the two ingredients together.

Step 04: Apply this mixture to your eyes using a flat brush or even your fingers.

Image courtesy: Pinterest