Pastel eyeshadows are a rage at the moment. International MUAs and influencers are often seen using this soothing colour palette to recreate different eye makeup looks. If applied properly, pastel eyeshadows look super trendy and can level up just about any makeup look in an instant!

But there’s one problem with using pastel eyeshadows – they don’t show up really well on dusky skin tones and end up looking really flat. But before you decide to give up on using these stunning hues, hear us out. With the right application techniques and a few hacks up your sleeve, you can make pastel eyeshadows pop, on deeper skin tone. Yes, really.

Read on for five tips to make pastel eyeshadows pop on deeper skin tones.


01. Use an eye primer

eye primer

Many times, we end up ignoring the numerous benefits of using an eye primer. It not only prevents your eye makeup from creasing and helps it stay on longer but also creates a really clean canvas that helps bring out the true colour of the eyeshadow more easily.


02. White eyeshadow


Another great tip that you can try to make any pastel eyeshadow pop is to apply some white eyeshadow or a concealer that’s 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone. This will conceal pigmentation on your lid (if any) and make your pastel eyeshadows pop.


03. Apply at least two coats


More often than not, pastel eyeshadows aren’t really pigmented enough, and therefore do not show up in the first go. In such cases, applying a single coat won’t be enough. To make it truly pop, we recommend you to use at least two coats for a more dramatic effect.


04. Apply using a damp brush

damp brush

If you have never used the wet brush technique to apply eyeshadows, we recommend you do so ASAP. Simply spritz on some makeup fixing spray (you can even use tap water) onto the brush to make it damp. Swipe the damp brush over any pastel eyeshadow colour of your choice and then apply it onto your lid. This will ensure that your brush picks up more colour and makes it look a lot more pigmented on your lid.

Main image courtesy: @debasreee and @mrjovitageorge