Whether kajal is a staple in your vanity kit or not, there’s no denying it’s hard to keep it intact, especially in hot and sticky weather. So all you kajal-loving girls, in this video, BB Makeup Ninja Shanaya Sardesai will show you some makeup tips and tricks to prevent your kajal from smudging and help it stay put all through the day.

Step 01: Start with a freshly washed and moisturised face. Avoid using any cream on the eye area.

Step 02: Blot your lids with soft tissue before application. This will pick up any excess oil on your skin that usually is responsible for making the kajal pigment spread unnecessarily.

Step 03: Dry the waterline. You can do this by gently running a cotton bud along the waterline to pick up any excess water.

Step 04: Dust on a little bit of powder under the eye and near the waterline area so that it absorbs the oil.

Step 05: Invest in a quality kajal since the eyes are super sensitive and delicate. Also, if it’s a pencil, make sure to sharpen it, so the tip gives you a crisp line every time!

Step 06: If you are lining your waterline, simply work from outer to inner corner. By doing the reverse, the water from your eye messes with the pigment, causing it to smudge more. Also, avoid applying kajal on the inner corner of your lower lid since this is where smudging occurs the most.

Step 07: Use some black eyeshadow to define your liner further. This not only intensifies and creates a nice smokey effect but also prevents any oils from smudging your kajal.