Double-decker falsies are a hot trend this season. The trend simply includes wearing falsies on your bottom lashes to amp up your eyelash game. While wearing falsies on the bottom lash is no news, it’s quite an underrated practise. Most of the time, you don’t even notice people wearing bottom lashes because they are blended so closely with the lower lash line.

But to give your eyes that manic pixie dream girl pop, this little trick that we’re about to share will come in handy. The trick is to opt for a pair of webbed, spider-like falsies that you do not have to hide and blend away. The gives your look that added oomph and is unapologetic for being oh-so-extra!


How to :

How to :

Step 01: Upper lashes Go about putting on your upper falsies your usual way. If you need freshening up, here’s a quick tutorial to get the upper lashes right

Step 02: Under eye concealer Make sure you have your under-eye concealer on BEFORE you apply your falsies. Go for a brightening formula like the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer to make your bottom falsies pop more

Step 03: Lash glue Unlike upper lashes, lower lashes go on underneath your actual lash line. That is why you should always go for clear or white glue because using any kind of coloured glue will show up evidently. Also, applying it slightly under the waterline will make sure your eyes aren’t irritated all day. Remember to blow on the glue before applying!

Step 04: Stick ‘em on! With the help of tweezers, place and adjust the outer corner of the lash line first. Stick in the inner corner and push in the middle part at the end. Make sure your glue is not too liquidy before you go in with the lashes or else it might slip closer to the eyes

Step 05: Finish with detail To achieve that unmissable ‘wide-eyed’ look, add some texture to them. Apply lash primer and brush gently with a curling mascara such as the Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara. Be careful to not get any on your skin and if you do, a Q-tip dipped in micellar water will solve the issue!