Girls! It’s time to ditch your smokey eye for an upgraded version. Know what we’re talking about? This new makeup trend is all over the runways this season, and we are totally crushing on it right now. It’s called graphic eye…shadow. Not eyeliner! Yes, you read that right.

While graphic eyeliner has picked up too, it is time to move a little ahead and experiment with bold eyeshadow looks. And no, not just with bold, bright colours. We mean, bold ways of wearing that classy graphic eyeshadow. It looks stunning, surreal and sassy, all at once! See for yourself.

5 ways to wear graphic eyeshadow


This new take on graphic eyeshadow is sharp, edgy and all things badass-y! From the gradient hues of blue to the elongated wing to the diamond accents, there’s nothing we don’t love about this look. If you’re looking to make a statement with your eye makeup, here’s the perfect inspiration for you!

5 ways to wear graphic eyeshadow

Negative space

Up until now, negative space nail art was trending in the beauty world. Who knew that we’d be seeing negative space on eyes too? The dark orange hue shaped like a triangle is taking graphic eyeshadow to a whole new level, and we can’t even!

5 ways to wear graphic eyeshadow

Blocked for good!

Block eyeshadow and colour blocking together make for one helluva stunning graphic eyeshadow look, especially for all those who dare to go all out with their eye makeup. Take two bright colours—blue and neon green to create this ultra-glam look. Use the blue shade to colour your entire lid in a block shape and highlight your inner corner with the neon green hue.

5 ways to wear graphic eyeshadow


If you were good at Geometry back in school, then creating this one is going to be a breeze for you. Also, who knew Geometry could be put to such good use? Instead of the regular way of applying eyeshadow, create a triangular outline and fill it in to create a sharp graphic eyeshadow look.

5 ways to wear graphic eyeshadow

Curvy and shimmery

Here’s some party eye makeup inspo for you to rock graphic eyeshadow like a true-blue diva! Use a shimmery eyeshadow palette or glitter in a bright solid hue to create this look. Elongate the inner as well as outer corner and define the look with generous coats of mascara. Two products are all you need to flaunt this uber stunning OTT eye makeup look!

Image courtesy: Instagram & Pinterest