The under-eye liner trend was huge in the 90s (think Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears). Cool, chic and kinda badass, this makeup look took the beauty world by the storm back then. And, guess what? It’s made a comeback this year *yay*.

The modern-day version of the lower liner look is a tad bit cleaner and simpler than its punk predecessor. In short, it’s cooler, chicer and more wearable than ever. Excited? Here three ways to help you get on board with this sultry eye makeup trend. Take a look…


01. Reversed wing

01.	Reversed wing

You may have been sporting that flick on your upper lids up until now, but after this, you’d want to ditch the old method and experiment with the reversed wing. Smudged, steamy and oh-so-chic!

Line your eyes with an eyeliner - top and bottom. Draw a stroke of kajal on your lower lash line and extend it upwards from the outer corner to make a wing. Take an angled brush and gently smudge the kajal to soften the look and voila, you’ve got yourself an envious eye look. 


02. Cool grunge liner

02.	Cool grunge liner

We’re totally digging this edgy and eccentric eye makeup RN. The classic liner and smokey eye too boring for you? Then this is just the look you need to try.

Apply a thick stroke of a black gel liner on your lower lid; avoid the waterline.  Apply two to three strokes of liner on top of it. Now, line your waterline with a white or nude eye pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Go ahead and smudge the lower lashline for a grunge vibe.


03. The Cleopatra look

03. The Cleopatra look

Try this Cleopatra-inspired eye look with a smudged lower liner for a glam event or a night out with your girls. It’s super sexy and requires minimum efforts.

Start by drawing a winged liner on the outer corner of your eyes like you usually would. Then go ahead and draw a wing in the inner corner on your eyes, in a downward direction. Line your eyes with a black kajal and smudge it out to soften the look. Finish off with oodles of mascara. 

Image courtesy: Instagram