Liquid eyeliners are one of the best makeup products to exist. Period. We love how a small line above your lashes can completely transform your look. It helps create the most defined eye looks and even makes your natural eye colour pop. Having said that applying liquid eyeliner is nothing short of terrifying; one wrong stroke and game over!

To ensure you achieve pro-level results every time you use liquid eyeliner, we’ve come up with the most useful tips. Scroll down to read them all.


01. Draw your flick first

Draw your flick first

To achieve the perfect cat eye, begin with the flick first. Place the tip of the eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye and draw a small line at a 45-degree angle. Then, draw a line close to your lash line and connect it to the wing to get that perfect look!


02. Apply in small dashes or dots

Apply in small dashes or dots

Those with shaky hands may struggle with creating one smooth line, especially while working with a liquid liner. The trick is to make small dots or dashes along the lash line from the eye’s inner to outer corner. Then, simply connect the dots to get a sleek and smooth eyeliner look.


03. For hooded eyes apply a thin line

For hooded eyes apply a thin line

Those with hooded and deep-set eyes should go for a thin line and draw it really close to the lash line, this will enhance the shape of their eyes and make it look bigger. Wide or thick lines, on the other hand, will make the eyes look smaller. Plus, there’s a risk of smudging and transferring it on the eyelid.


04. Apply eyeshadow first

Apply eyeshadow first

Those with oily eyelids fear using liquid eyeliner as it transfers and smudges easily. Applying powder eyeshadow keeps the oil under control and creates the perfect base for your eyeliner to adhere to.


05. Keep Q-tips handy

Keep Q-tips handy

Those with pro-level skills can also make mistakes once in a while when using liquid eyeliners. Always keep Q-tips handy, they can help thin out wings and lines quickly. Dip it in micellar water and erase your mistakes instead of starting all over.

Apart from using the right tips and techniques, using the right liquid eyeliner is also important. Our favourite pick is the Lakme Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner. It comes with a unique flex-tip brush that lets you create any look you desire with ease.

Main image courtesy: @warinahussain