Got oily eyelids? How to prevent your kajal from smudging

Written by Fatema HabibOct 17, 2019

“Not without my kajal.”

If you ask me, I’ll say that there have been times I’ve forgotten my wallet at home, but not my kajal. Kajal gives definition to my eyes and adds just the right amount of glamour on a gloomy day. So, by now, you know how much I rely on my trusty kajal for any and every occasion. Be it grocery shopping or a wedding reception, I make it a point to swipe a single stroke of kajal on my waterline before stepping out of the house. And, when I run out of kajal, I step out only to be asked if I’m sick or told that I look different. *aarrghh*

Even though I love using kajal, I cannot deny the fact that a few hours into the day I’m running to the restroom to wipe off the smudges from the inner and outer corner of my eyes. Reason being oily lids! Well, earlier I used to blame the makeup brand, but after switching a zillion pencils, I finally discovered that it is actually not the kajal that is at fault, but my oily skin.

Thankfully, I discovered a hack that has made my life easier, and today I’m going to share it with you! So, if you’re a girl with oily eyelids who cannot live without her kajal, then here’s what you need to read.

The hack

Just how you prep your face for makeup, it’s important to prep your eyelids too so that your kajal application is not only smooth, but also lasts longer without smudging. Before applying kajal, take a cotton pad soaked in chilled water and dab it on your lids. Then wipe your eyelids thoroughly, making sure there’s no water residue. Now, reach for your kajal pencil and apply the way you’d normally do. Lastly, take some face powder on your palm and apply it onto your lids, in the inner and outer corners, and along your lower lashline. This will make your kajal oil-proof and prevent the shiny effect from appearing by the middle of the day.

Image courtesy: Instagram