Ombré Lashes–The Latest Instagram Trend. Are You Game?

Written by Sanya HamdaniMay 16, 2022
Ombré Lashes–the latest Instagram trend. Are you game?

Ever since Instagram became our go-to guide for everything trending, we spotted some of the most amazing as well as bizarre beauty trends on this social media platform. Ombré started off as a hair trend and took the beauty world by storm, soon makeup artists started incorporating this French term which means “shaded” in makeup and this gave rise to ombré eye shadow and now eye lashes. If your New Year resolution is “new year, new me” this trend will probably help you make that statement loud and clear.


With new coloured mascaras launching every other day it’s pretty evident that the beauty world is currently obsessed with adding colours to the lashes. Spotting a trend like ombré lashes therefore doesn’t come as a surprise. While the trend is fairly new, the ease of use and style these coloured falsies impart clearly say that the trend is here to say.


Created by Joanna Keller in the Joanna Keller Boutique in Canada, these lashes are available in a wide range of bold colours such as red, purple, green and red. If you’re great with your black falsies these aren’t difficult to use and will last just as long as your current falsies. So if you want to be the centre of attention at the upcoming New Year party you know what to do!

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