From smokey eyes to simple eyeliner makeup, eye makeup can be done in many ways, each better and more unique than the other. But at the end of the day, it should enhance the beauty of the one wearing it. And that is only possible when eye makeup is done the right way, with the right tips and tricks. A new trend that has entered the beauty scene is glossy eyelids.

Glossy eyelids are totally fashionable and you can pull it off with the dewiest of looks. In this article, we will tell you all about this funky trend and how you can pull it off in the best possible manner. Let’s start.


How to create the glossy eyelids look

How to create the glossy eyelids look?

Glossy eyelids can be created in a few easy steps. All you have got to do is follow those steps diligently. It is an easy look. Pro tip? While there are many glossy eyeshadows available, you can even use your favourite lip gloss to create these looks. They work just as well. Let’s take a look at these steps and how you can create perfect glossy eyelids look.


1. Prime

Glossy eyelids step 1: Prime

The first step to creating any good eye makeup look or for that matter, is to create a smooth and fine base. Think of it as a canvas for your painting. The plainer the canvas and the better its texture, the more the chances of you painting well. The same rule holds true for makeup as well.

The best way to do it is by taking any standard eye primer. You can take a face primer as well, but the reason we recommend an eye primer is because like eye creams, these are customised for the delicate tissue around eyes. These eye primers help in settling the makeup well and are more important in the case of glossy eyelids, because if you don’t apply primer, the gloss may smudge and fade away.

A pro tip would be to apply the gloss while the primer is still a little wet, instead of waiting for it to dry completely.


2. Shadow

Glossy eyelids step 2: Shadow

Now that you have primed your eyelids, it’s time to get this show on the road. This is the step where you apply your eyeshadow. Okay, firstly, this step is optional. But, we strongly recommend putting a neutral eyeshadow on your eyelids. You can surely go ahead with the gloss, but an eyeshadow first would help perk up your look. Just like applying a concealer can help your lip colour look better, the same goes for the eyeshadow step before you apply the gloss on your eyelids.

The best course of action here would be to apply a cream or gel textured eyeshadow as it makes the eyelids smooth enough for further application. However, contrary to the previous step, this time, wait for the eyeshadow to dry completely before starting with the gloss or it would smudge and ruin the entire look. Also, do not use powder eyeshadow as it can get messed up while layering.


3. Gloss

Glossy eyelids step 3: Gloss

Now, you have to apply the product that gives you those perfect glossy eyelids. Firstly, let’s tell you about the easily accessible products that are available in the market. There are lip glosses and face glosses that you can use for your eyes and none would be wiser. These are perfect and work smoothly on the eyelids, just as they do on the lips and face, for which they are made. If you do not want to use products meant for your lips, you can choose an eye gloss.

If you want, you can even take two shades and mix them up for a perfect shade and texture. Whatever suits you.

One thing that you should keep in mind while choosing the gloss is that it should not contain any harmful ingredients or irritants. Your eyes are quite delicate and do get affected by the ingredients in your eye products, whether skincare or makeup. This will keep your eyelids irritation-free and you can flaunt the shades for a long time.

Apply the gloss of your choice on your eyelids. Mix, match or simply put a single shade on your eyelids, whatever suits you.


4. No precision

No precision

One thing to keep in mind while creating glossy eyelids is that there is no need for precision. Glossy eyelids are known for their slightly messed-up look. The key to this makeup is just blending and spreading and creating a delightful mess. Just do not go over the edge. Even the mess should look aesthetic. But then if you use a base just like we suggested in the previous step, the mess will be just right!


5. Stay away from the crease

Stay away from the crease

The crease is where your eye makeup game can make or break. While the key is to blend when you apply the usual eye makeup into the crease, with glossy eyelids, the game is a little different. Here, you have to stay away from the crease. This will ensure that there is no stickiness when you blink. Blend the gloss across your brow bone and across the bottom lash line. For a high-shine finish, also apply some on the inner corner of the eyes. Blend well. Just stay away from the crease if you do not want uneven and sticky lines that ruin the look of your glossy eyelids.


6. Mix shadow and gloss

Mix shadow and gloss

Now comes the last step if you wish to ace the art of creating and flaunting glossy eyelids. We know we mentioned that you should avoid powdered eyeshadows as base if you want a neater look with gloss on the eyelids. But that’s when you are creating a shadow base, which works best with a cream or gel formula. If at all you have to use a powdered shadow, there is a way to use it the best manner possible.

Instead of using powdered eyeshadow as a base, mix both eyeshadow and gloss to create a clump-free and smooth mixture. Now use your finger or an eyeshadow brush to apply and blend it across your eyelids for that perfect glossy eyelids look.


Some additional tips for creating glossy eyelids

Some additional tips for creating glossy eyelids

While these steps are more or less enough to create glossy eyelids, here are a few other tips, especially if you wish to line your eyes.

  • Use a liquid liner to line your eyes. Preferably, apply it before the gloss
  • Dab the liquid liner by using a pencil liner
  • You can reapply the eyeliner after you are done with your glossy eyelids makeup
  • Dewy makeup is the best look that goes with glossy eyelids
  • Highlight to make the high points shine and stand out
  • Go for a semi-natural and fresh look
  • Apply a neutral shade of gloss on the lips
  • You can take one gloss and keep it with you for touch-ups, whether on eyes or on lips, or even as a highlighter


Glossy makeup is amazing. But avoid it if you have oily or combination skin as it may make your skin look dull instead of dewy.