Exploring Step-By-Step Guide: How To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro

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Exploring Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

Eyeliner is a makeup detail that can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, making them appear more defined and striking. However, applying eyeliner can be a complicated task, especially for beginners. With so many different types of eyeliners and techniques available, it can be challenging to know where to start. Read on and discover how to apply eyeliner for beginners, and how to use a pencil eyeliner like a pro

How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro: The Basics 

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to apply eyeliner step by step with pictures, regardless of your skill level. We will cover different types of eyeliners, and explain how to choose the right one for your needs. Let’s discuss various techniques of how to apply eyeliner by yourself, including the classic winged liner, smudged liner, and tightlining. Additionally, we will share some tips and tricks on how to apply eyeliner perfectly. 

Whether you're looking to create a subtle daytime makeup look or a dramatic evening look, our guide will help you master the art of eyeliner application and achieve stunning results. So, grab your favorite eyeliner and let's get started! 

Your Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro 

How to apply perfect eyeliner step by step? 

Your Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro woman

1. Choose your eyeliner

How to apply beautiful eyeliner, and how not to apply eyeliner? Start by choosing the right product for your needs. Pencil liners are ideal for beginners, while liquid liners provide a more precise finish. Gel liners allow easy application and long-lasting wear. 

How to apply liquid eyeliner? Start with a stroke across your upper eyelid and use short, even dashes to get the perfect outline. You can try Lakmé Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner with smudge-free, waterproof and transfer-proof formula, or Lakmé Absolute Shine Line Liquid Eye Liner, which gives a rich, intense colour, that lasts for hours. Lakmé 9to5 Black Impact Liner has a silky, water-resistant and fast drying formula, which gives a bold and dark, long-lasting pigment. 

How to apply blue liquid eyeliner, such as water resistant Lakmé Insta Eye Liner in blue shade? 

The application technique for classic black and blue liquid eyeliner is similar. The main difference is in the colour and intensity of the liner. When applying blue liquid eyeliner, it's essential to consider the rest of your makeup and outfit and adjust the thickness and placement of the liner accordingly. 

Your Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro woman

2. Prep your eyelids

Prep your eyelids by applying an eye primer or foundation to create a smooth surface for your eyeliner. You can also use a setting powder to prevent smudging and creasing.

Your Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro woman

3. Start applying

Start to apply your eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye, working towards the outer corner. Use small, light strokes to create a thin line and gradually build up the thickness as desired. 

How to apply eyeliner pencil? Start by sharpening the pencil to create a precise tip. Hold the pencil at a 45 degree angle and use short, light strokes to create a thin line along your lash line. How to apply gel eyeliner? Use an angled brush to pick up the product, and apply it along your lash line using small, light strokes.

Your Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro woman

4. Create a wing

How to apply winged eyeliner? To create a winged eyeliner style, extend the line upwards and outwards from the outer corner of your eye, following the natural curve of your lower lash line. For a more subtle look of your high liner, stop the line at the edge of your eye. To fill in any gaps between the lashes, you should learn how to apply kajal eyeliner, or how to apply eyeliner with kajal pencil to your waterline, and tightline your eyes.

Your Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro woman

5. Blend

Once you've applied your eyeliner, you can smudge it with a brush or your finger for a softer, smoky effect. Finish off your eye makeup by curling your lashes and applying mascara to complete your look, so that’s how to apply eyeliner step by step. 

FAQs about Step-by-step Guide: How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro… 

Q1 How to apply eyeliner for small eyes? 

For small eyes, it's best to avoid thick or heavy lines that can make your eyes appear even smaller. Instead, opt for a thin, precise line along your upper lash line. You can also use a light-colored eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes appear larger. Avoid lining your lower lash line as this can make your eyes look smaller. Finally, consider using an eyelash curler and mascara to visibly open up your eyes even more. 

Q2 How to apply eyeliner with shaky eyes? 

How to apply eyeliner like a pro, if you have shaky hands or eyes? It can be challenging, but you may try using a gel or pencil eyeliner as they provide more control and are easier to apply. Resting your elbow on a flat surface and using short, small strokes can also help steady your hand. Alternatively, you can use a piece of tape as a guide to create a straight line or opt for a softer, smudged eyeliner look. 

Q3 How to apply eyeliner under eye? 

How to apply liquid eyeliner on lower lash line? Start by using a small, angled brush and a gel or powder eyeliner. Use short, light strokes along your lower lash line, working from the outer corner to the inner corner. Avoid lining your waterline as this can cause smudging and irritation. If you want to know how to apply liquid eyeliner under eye for a softer look, you can smudge the liner using a brush or your finger. 

Q4 How to apply eyeliner for classical dance makeup look? 

Begin by drawing a thin line along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner of your eye and extending it towards the outer corner. Make sure the line is smooth and even. Next, draw a wing or an extension at the outer corner of your eye. Start by drawing a small line upwards at a slight angle, and then connect it to the upper lash line. 

How to apply eyeliner, is not a secret anymore! Also check our full guide on how to apply makeup

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