In the recent years, eyebrows have achieved a status symbol of their own in the beauty world. While thin eyebrows were all the rage in the 80s and 90s, today, it is all about thicker, fuller and denser brows. Eyebrows are the most challenging feature to get right, no doubt, but they have the power to transform your look entirely. From the shape and arch to the thickness and what tools to use, there are a number of concerns when it comes to eyebrows.

We will clear your doubts about what texture of brow product is to be used when, so you can choose between brow gels, powders and pencils with confidence!

eyebrow pencil powder or gel when to use what

Eyebrow pencil—to fill them in

While you can use all kinds of brow products to fill in, only an eyebrow pencil offers precision and definition. No matter what kind of arches you naturally have, using a soft, waxy eyebrow pencil fills them realistically. The best part about using an eyebrow pencil to define your brows is that increasing or decreasing the intensity is totally in your hands. If you want them to look darker, fill them in with darker strokes and if you want to keep them natural-looking, go in with lighter strokes. You can use the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil for defined, naturally styled and evenly filled brows.

eyebrow pencil powder or gel when to use what

Eyebrow powder—to give the illusion of fuller brows

While sporting thin brows is an outdated trend, it is the thicker, fuller brows that make heads turn. Well, if you are struggling to grow eyebrow hair naturally, then you’ll be happy to know that eyebrow powder can help give the illusion of denser, fuller and defined brows. All you need is brow powder matching the colour of your brows and a thin, flat-top, angled brush. Simply sweep on some powder over your arches, refining and layering with the help of the brush until you reach your desired colour saturation. The best part about using eyebrow powder is that you can control the amount applied and easily clean up in case of blunders.

eyebrow pencil powder or gel when to use what

Eyebrow gel—to keep stray eyebrow hair in place

Well-groomed brows are the ones that stay in place all day. Well, an eyebrow gel works the same way for eyebrows just as hair spray works for your hair. Those with thick eyebrow hair need to invest in an eyebrow gel as this is what keeps their brow hair tamed and locks it in place for a groomed look. For a natural-looking shape, brush the fronts of the brows upwards, and the tails of the arches upwards and outwards. With a brow gel, you are simply combing the existing hair into the shape you desire.