We completely understand if red isn’t your most obvious choice of eyeshadow colour; I mean, who’s first choice would it be, anyway? But with celebs and influencers from all over the world readily rocking red eye makeup looks, it’s a little hard to completely ignore the urge to try this risqué yet stunning eye makeup, right? And that’s exactly why we’re here – to give you some near-genius tips on how to rock a red eye makeup look to break the monotony of your regular go-to eye makeup looks…

red eye makeup tips

Pick the right shade

of red Just like you try a million red lipsticks before finding THE one for you, the same applies to red eyeshadow as well. Take into consideration your skin tone and undertone before settling for that one colour. Also, lightly pigmented red eyeshadows can sometimes not show up easily on deeper skin tones, therefore always try it on before buying it.

red eye makeup tips

Make the colour pop by prepping the base

Even though red is a lovely colour, it can be a little bit tricky to work with. Therefore to save yourself the hassle, always start by evening out your eyelids with a little bit of primer and concealer before going in with your red eyeshadow. This cancels out any discolouration and prevents the colour from appearing patchy on your eyes.

red eye makeup tips

Image courtesy: @natalie_lo_castle

Use a transition shade

Another great tip to make your red eyeshadow pop is to apply a pink or orange transition shade that has the same undertone as the red eyeshadow you’re using. This will prevent your eyeshadow from looking like a blob and will give it a lot more dimension.

red eye makeup tips

Image courtesy: @__mysticaldimples_

Swipe on eyeliner

If you think that red looks a bit too stark for your liking, you can always reduce the intensity by swiping on your usual black eyeliner to balance out the starkness of the look

Main image courtesy: @makeupartistkarishmabajaj and @leannefmakeup