Floating Liner Is The Hottest Eye Makeup Trend Atm. Here Is How You Can Get It

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Floating liner is the hottest eye makeup trend ATM. Here is how you can get it

While you were busy rocking the regular winged liner, someone in the beauty world decided to give your makeup staple actual wings and now it’s called the ‘floating liner’ trend. The 60s’ eccentric graphic liner trend, floating liner is having a moment right now and we are gushing over it.

You don’t have to love all the beauty trends that resurface time and again, but you do have to agree that the colourful, floating liner that sits right between your lashes and brows is one makeup trend that is totally irresistible and pretty doable.

trend alert floating liner

We spotted a number of celebrities sporting this whimsical and edgy liner trend in neon, pastel and the classic black, giving us different versions to pull it off. Whether it is a simple swipe across the crease or extending the winged liner to float on the lid, we know we’re copying the look on our next night out. If you share our sentiment as well, here is how you can achieve two variations of the floating liner look in a few simple steps.

trend alert floating liner

Floating liner

Step 01: Moisturise and prime your lids.

Step 02: For the super easy floating swipe, first note where your lid folds. That is the crease where you’ll be applying the liner.           

Step 03: Take your eyeliner (coloured or black) and draw a single swipe across the crease of your upper lid. 

Step 04: Don’t line your eyes and finish with mascara.

trend alert floating liner

Floating wing

Step 01: For the floating winged liner, start by priming your lids.

BB pro tip: Apply a light eyeshadow shade on the lids if you are working with a black liner to make it pop. However, while working with neon eyeliner, ditch the eyeshadow and let your striking liner do the talking.

Step 02: Now, line your upper lid and create a crisp, long wing.        

Step 03: Extend the other end of the wing towards the crease of your lid and leave it in the middle of the lid.   

Step 04: Darken the line along your upper lash line and finish with a couple of coats of mascara.

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