Artistic Eye Makeup Looks Are Trending Rn. Dare To Try Them?

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Artistic eye makeup looks are trending RN. Dare to try them?

For us, any kind of makeup look, whether minimal or OTT, is a work of art. It takes a careful eye to take a handful of products and turn them into a statement look that enhances your features. But there’s nothing like eye makeup to showcase your creativity. Given that makeup is being largely adapted to mask wearing these days, beauty enthusiasts have gotten very creative indeed. So much so, they can be transferred to a canvas and installed in a gallery!

It is safe to say that we are quite enchanted by creative, artistic eye makeup looks we’ve seen. But if we present to you our favourite picks, would you dare try them? Check ‘em out first and decide for yourself...


01. A colour explosion

05. Dot work

Image courtesy: @anastasia_obv

An eye look that feels like a paint palette exploded on it - we are in awe of the beauty of this work. This colour explosion eye look has been created to perfection with a bunch of pigmented colours, kohl liners, a handful of tinted mascaras and a hint of silver glitter shadow.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection


02. A heady mixture

05. Dot work

Image courtesy: @julia_voron

An intense colour fill with varying range of pigments of the same colour family (mint and dark green), this eye look is not for the faint-hearted! Pick any colour to recreate this look and finish it off with a touch of eye-safe clear gloss on the inner colour. Make sure that the outer floating liner is kept matte to make the gloss really pop!

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye shadow Palette - Coral Sunset


03. High liner

05. Dot work

Confident of your steady liner arm, try your hand at this one! Pick your favourite shimmer, metallic liner and create this high winged tip design. This look breaks a major winged liner rule, staying inside your brow’s arch, and slightly tips the flick upwards in a fluid manner. That is why the look works, as a sharp tip will look too intense, even for an OTT look!

BB picks: Lakmé Insta Eye Liner - Blue


04. Bold in kohl

05. Dot work

All you need to own is a thick black liner and a vivid imagination to pull off this eye look! You can create a number of creative looks with just this one makeup product. This liner look that closes into a negative space wing tip is certainly a stunner to gawk at!

BB picks: Lakmé Eyeconic Liner Pen BLock Tip


05. Dot work

05. Dot work

Image courtesy: @chykapuka

Quirky, aesthetic yet so simple to do, dot work is an often used technique while creating actual art on paper. This one creates a floating design and fills it with casually placed dots to create an almost lace-like pattern on the eye. Love!

BB picks: Lakmé Eyeconic Liner Pen Fine Tip

Main image courtesy: @ortalelimeleh1, @iulia_david_photography

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