You say versatile, and we think of the uncountable iterations of the traditional cat-eye look. It’s crazy how a mere flick against the lid can lend itself to varying looks, moods, and styles. We’ve rounded up some of the best variations of the classic cat-eye look. And they’re pretty simple to recreate!


01. The reverse cat-eyed look

The reverse cat-eyed look

Image Courtesy: @glamour

This upside-down iteration of the traditional cat-eye look is relatively simple to replicate. Prep the eyes with a little bit of primer, and run an eyeliner pencil along the lower waterline toward the inner corner of the eye. Extend that inner corner, and wing it out on the outer corner. Grab a blending brush, and smoke out the edges for a sultry look. And conclude by diffusing the edges with a flat brush coated in eyeshadow to lend a little definition to the look. You can dramatise your eyes with mascara as well.


02. A colourful affair

A colourful affair

Image Courtesy: @weheartitapp

Swapping your black eyeliner with a coloured one is the simplest way to elevate your look. Have you ever heard of the flavours of a gelato ice cream playing muse to an eye pencil? The Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection has launched eight lovestruck pencils that add a burst of colour to your look—from the blues of oceans to the pinks of Paris Hilton’s outfits, this range displays it all. Enriched with moisturising ceramides, these pops of colour-on-a-stick glide onto your skin effortlessly.


03. A two-is-better-than-one look

A two-is-better-than-one look

Image Courtesy: @nikki_makeup

A double-winged eyeliner pulls your eyes upward and outward and lifts and widens them effortlessly. There are numerous variations of this look—from bedecking your lids with colourful designs to drawing the flicks with vibrant pops of colour or glitter-laden eyeliner; there’s so much you can experiment with under this category.


04. A stacked wing

A stacked wing

Image Courtesy: @cilenealba

If you want to add a pop of colour to your look without compromising on the flick of black on the lids, this look is perfect for you. Just border the traditional line with a coloured eyeliner, and that’s it!

Image Courtesy: @nikki_makeup