Applying mascara seems pretty much like a no-brainer because all you really have to do is swipe on a little bit of the product and that’s the end of it. Right? Wrong! Just like how no good thing in life comes easy, making your lashes look long, fluttery and full (basically perfect) takes more than just mindless application. 

When it comes to applying mascara and getting really, long enviable lashes, the technique with which you apply the product is just as important as the actual product. Yeah, not all of us are born with long, dark, voluminous lashes, but this in no way means that you can’t get drool-worthy lashes with clever mascara hacks. And to help you achieve just that, we have found the BEST mascara makeup hack that will give you luscious long lashes in no time! 

simple mascara hack for long lashes

The hack

All of us are used to applying our mascaras in a certain way – start at the base and apply the product in an up and down motion. But according to makeup artists, this prevents your lashes from looking voluminous. They advise you to apply the first coat of mascara only to the tips of your lashes. Simply run the wand through the top side of your lashes and coat the tips from above. Next, look down into the mirror and wiggle your wand from base to tips as you normally would. This ensures that your second coat of mascara is applied as close to the roots as possible. 

Why this works?

Applying several coats of mascara to the entire length of your lashes prove to be too heavy for them and lead to clumping. Now this looks extremely unattractive. By applying the first coat to only the top side of the tips, you get the added length where you need it most, without the bulk. How smart is that? 

Image courtesy: Instagram