I Took 3 Different Neon Makeup Looks To The Streets And This Is What Happened!

Written by Miloni GilitwalaSep 16, 2023
I took 3 different neon makeup looks to the streets and this is what happened!

If you’re wondering who put me up to this, let me tell you it was all ME! Experimental is my middle name and given that I’m a fashion styling student, trying out the latest fashion and beauty trends is practically part of the job description. Now if you’ve been watching the runways or even stalking your favourite celebrities, you’ll know that neon makeup is having a moment and I wasn’t one to be left out. Needless to say, there began my little experiment.

So, before I tell you how it all turned out, I have to admit that many jaws dropped when I voiced my idea out loud. “Neon makeup on the streets of Mumbai?! What are you thinking?” Also, I’ve never really worn bright colours on my eyes or lips before. So, can’t blame my squad for that reaction.

Now for the experiment; I created not one but three different looks using vibrant colours such as yellow, pink, green and orange, all of them in neon. Oh, and I even bought an all-new eyeshadow palette just to experiment with neon makeup. How did people react? Some reactions were interesting, while some were plain awkward...


Look #1: Powerful pink

Look #3: Yellow, not mellow

I love pinks, especially in my makeup. I think it makes my entire face look brighter and my eyes more awake. So, my first experiment was with neon pink covering my upper lids as well as a smudged effect on my lower lids. I opted for a gradient effect for my upper lids, going in with a darker hue on the inner corners and finishing off with a lighter hue towards the outer corners. A sleek winged eyeliner and dramatic falsies further defined my neon eye makeup.

Since this was the first look I created, I wanted some validation from whoever was around at the moment. And, that was my family! The first reaction I got from them was that I looked odd. Different maybe, but odd? Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for, but then again, they’re not well-versed the latest trends, so I can’t blame them. But one thing’s for sure; I wasn’t ready to give up on the neon makeup challenge just yet.


Look #2: Mix and (no) match

Look #3: Yellow, not mellow

I know, I know, the basic rule of any makeup look is to play up any one element—eyes or lips. Playing up both can get a little too overwhelming. But, if you’re doing neon, why hold back?! So, for my second look, I went all out and used not one or two, but three different neon colours—yellow, orange and green, to create a bold, statement winged eyeliner. I went yellow and green on one eye, whereas I used orange and green on the other eye. And that’s not all! I went for a deep red glossy pout to finish my wacky AF look. Sorry, not sorry!

After taking this look to the streets, my biggest realisation was that people in India do not welcome OTT trends with open arms. I got strange stares and looks of disdain too. But guess what; as soon as I entered college, I was showered with compliments. (Glad some people have taste.) But jokes apart, my friends and peers admired my neon makeup look and thought that the mix of colours was a brilliant idea.


Look #3: Yellow, not mellow

Look #3: Yellow, not mellow

I’ll stop wearing yellow when they invent a brighter colour! Yes, this was my thought when I reached for a neon yellow hue to dress up my eyes for the third look. While actresses and beauty ninjas have started wearing brighter colours to up their makeup game, yellow still remains untouched. I had zero inspiration for this look and didn’t know how a bright neon yellow would look on me. But, to my surprise, it actually took my makeup game a notch higher. In fact, when you don’t have the time to do that full-face makeup, wearing neon eyeliner can do the trick for you. You won’t need anything else, trust me. I just swiped a tinted lip balm on my lips to finish off the look.

When random girls on the road started complimenting my neon yellow winged eyeliner, I felt so much more confident pulling off this in-your-face makeup trend. It’s like it gave me a whole new personality. So, if you ask me, the streets of India (yes, even Mumbai) aren’t quite ready for neon makeup just yet, but that shouldn’t stop you. Wear what you want and be who you want to be. Don’t let the stares and comments stop you!

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