Everything You Need To Know About The Ombre Eyebrow Shading Trend

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Everything you need to know about the ombre eyebrow shading trend

Ombre eyebrow shading is an in-clinic procedure that blends subtle colour into your brow hairs using a tint or a pencil. Comparing it to getting lowlights in your hair, ombre brows focus on making the arch of your eyebrows slightly darker, and overall, make the brows appear bolder and denser. The added colour makes thin, sparse looking brows look fuller but ends in a more natural-looking result than a procedure like microblading would. This procedure seems to replace the need for filling in your brows daily, and thus, has gotten very popular in the past couple of years. Here’s all you need to know about ombre eyebrows….


The benefits of ombre eyebrow shading

What to expect when you decide to get ombre eyebrows

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To understand the appeal of ombre eyebrows, you need to know how they are done. The technique involves placing a series of fine dots of pigments on your brows, in varying concentrations that result in its distinctive powdered brow look. Some of the benefits that ombre eyebrows have as a semi-permanent tattooing technique over the others are:

01. It is a far gentler procedure as compared to other eyebrow tattooing procedures. It is even suitable for sensitive skin types.

02. It requires less touch-up appointments as the results fade out more naturally.

03. It looks more natural as the pigment is focused on the arch instead of the beginning of the brow, which can look a little unnatural.

04. It gives the appearance of full and defined brows, which you do not have to fill in every single morning.


What to expect when you decide to get ombre eyebrows

What to expect when you decide to get ombre eyebrows

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A typical ombre eyebrow shading appointment lasts between 2-3 hours and is mildly uncomfortable, even after application of an anaesthetic. Plus, eyebrows are carefully mapped so that you can judge the final result, even before the pigment is filled in. The procedure is known to last anywhere between 2 to 5 years. The fading pattern depends on factors like sun exposure and skincare routines. The best part? There are no documented side effects of ombre eyebrows, making it an affordable and safe procedure to invest in.

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