4 Ways To Slay The Whimsical Eyeliner Trend

Written by Nida SayyedJul 15, 2022
4 ways to slay the whimsical eyeliner trend

Gone are the days when there were rights and wrongs in makeup. We no longer care about our eyeliner looking as same as possible with the most pitch-black formula. Now, it’s all about having fun and getting creative. Beauty bloggers have started showcasing their skills in the form of funky eyeliner styles. Here’s how you can recreate our top four picks from the whimsical eyeliner series in the beauty world.


01. Confetti eyeliner

Go green

Image Courtesy: Salma Barbosa


The most colourful one on our list is the confetti eyeliner. This eyeliner style has different colours of eyeliner dotted across your lash line to mimic the look of confetti. You can make technicolour wings with these as well as different shapes.

How to create:

  • Start by dotting different shades of eyeliners very close to your top lash line.
  • Slowly, start dotting them outwards to create wings.
  • Once you’re happy with the length and shape, take a Q-tip and crispen your wing from the bottom.

Check out the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection that’s perfect for this look. This range comes with eight  vibrant shades that pack a punch of colour to any look. These work as gel eyeliner for the lash line as well as kajal pencils for your waterline.



02. Unicorn eyeliner

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Image Courtesy: Bored Panda


For unicorn lovers, this is the perfect masterpiece. This one adds a mystical twist to your regular wings and turns them into unicorn horns. Basically, you draw wings, (preferably with pastel shades) and then add a swirl around the wing with a different colour to make it look like a unicorn horn.

How to create:

  • Start by drawing your wings with a light shade. You can use white eyeliner for this. Keep your wings thicker than normal for this look.
  • Next, take a darker eyeliner and start by making the swirls.
  • Start by drawing a tiny dash across the wing, now draw a little ‘c’ next to the wing to imitate the look of a conical horn of a unicorn. This will look as if the swirl is hidden under the horn.
  • Add another smaller dash across the wing and repeat.



03. Through the crease

Go green

Image Courtesy: Marie


Tired of your eyeliner bleeding to the crease of your eye? Make it fashionable! The newest trend involves dragging your wing through your crease for intense definition and drama. Bella Hadid rocked this eyeliner look on a red carpet event with a dainty flick. Soon, the internet took inspiration and got creative. You need a black eyeliner for this look. A felt-tip eyeliner like the Lakmé Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner would be ideal for this. Its fine tip applicator makes drawing sharp lines super easy.

  • How to create:
  • Start by tracing a line across your top lash line and extend it out to create wings. Don’t be afraid to make your wings longer as the liner has to be connected to your crease.
  • Now, in short strokes, drag the tip of the wing inwards to take it through your crease. Keep it as subtle or as dramatic as you like.



04. Go green

Go green

Image Courtesy: Adrianna


Green is super trendy right now. Don’t believe us? Gen Z has announced so! Ditch your regular black eyeliner and join the green team. Simply create any look you’d like but with a vivid green eyeliner. For the most basic look, make green wings with your eyeliner. If you’re a light green fan, we pick the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - Matcha. This is a super creamy and rich eye pencil that’s an absolute delight to work with. But if you’re a fan of deeper greens and liquid eyeliners, the Lakmé Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner - Sparkling Olive is your best friend.

Main image courtesy: Tumblr


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