White Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Written by Nidhi MotlaSep 16, 2023
White eyeliner hacks that will change your life

Ladies, today we are going to let you in on a beauty secret we bet you didn’t know about! That classic white eyeliner you have is not just any other eyeliner colour in your vanity kit. It is a lot more!

That white eyeliner is the oldest trick in the world to create an illusion of bigger wider eyes and perhaps the quickest way to add some drama too. But you are highly mistaken if you think that that is all your white eyeliner can do for you. From priming to brightening, using a white eyeliner can literally take your beauty game to the next level.

Here’s how...


1. Eyeshadow base

4. Conceal red spots

Not only will using the white eyeliner as a primer, make your eyeshadow look more vibrant but it will also create an even base so that your eyeshadow lasts longer. Simply take your white eyeliner and colour your eyelids. Using your ring finger. Then smudge this out lightly and proceed to apply your eyeshadow like you normally would.


2. Defined brows

4. Conceal red spots

Want your eyebrow game on fleek? Then simply define your brows like you normally would with a brow pencil. To define your brows, simply line below and above your eyebrows with a white liner and smudge it out for striking brows.


3. Brighten the inner corner of your eyes

4. Conceal red spots

We all know that since the inner corners are the darkest spots of your eyes, highlighting them can uplift and brighten up dull tired looking eyes. The days you want to make your eyes pop, highlight the inner corners of your eyes using a white eyeliner. Because the white eyeliner is not as intense as a highlighter it will give you a very natural vibrant look.


4. Conceal red spots

4. Conceal red spots

If you have stubborn red spots or blemishes which are not concealed well even with the strongest concealer, use a white eyeliner to get the job done. Simply colour the red spot or a blemish that you wish to hide with white eyeliner to mute out the redness. Dab your concealer over this whitened blemish and blend it into your skin like you normally would.

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