White Eyeliner—The Most Flattering Makeup Trend Of The Season

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
White eyeliner—the most flattering makeup trend of the season

Black eyeliners are a classic, no doubt there! But let’s face it, they can get a little repetitive. For a fresh, new and amped-up look therefore—make way for the white eye liners! This runway trend has emerged to be a sassy upgrade to eye makeup. Light, translucent and a fresh punctuation point for the face, it makes for a perfect spring look.

The white liner makes for a stunning beauty statement, especially on warmer skin tones. Follow these tips to pull off the white eyeliner trend like a pro…


White is bright

Go for bare lids

Treat white eyeliners as any other bright shade. Therefore, keep the rest of your makeup minimal and let your eyes (eyeliner, of course) do all the talking.


Don’t go too thick

Go for bare lids

With white eyeliners, apply a very precise amount. It will look smooth and gorgeous. Going too thick will look more texture-heavy. White is bright enough to stand out with just a single stroke.


Prep your skin

Go for bare lids

Before applying white eyeliner, it’s best to prep your skin with a primer. A primer will keep the white pigment from changing colour throughout the day. Use the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer on your eyes carefully, before applying your liner.


Extend to lower lash line

Go for bare lids

For a dreamy, romantic look, smudge on the white liner on your lower lashes very lightly. Avoid a smoky look as that may make you look like a zombie.


Opaque works best

Go for bare lids

Make sure that your white eyeliner is opaque or else, it’ll turn grey over your skin. Pick a pigmented pencil that is easy to smudge.


Define your lashes

Go for bare lids

Defined upper and lower lashes will make your eyes look bigger and bring all the focus on your white eyeliner. Use the Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara. for enhanced lashes that will complement any eye makeup look.


Go for bare lids

Go for bare lids

Eyeshadow is a complete no-no, especially when you want the focus to be on your white liner. Therefore, keep your lids free of any shadow play. Just wing it with a white eyeliner and flaunt it through the day. 

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