5 Useful Tips To Master The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
 5 useful tips to master the perfect winged eyeliner

Just can’t get the winged liner right no matter how much you practice? The major roadblocks that come between you and the perfect winged liner application is the difficulty to get a crisp shape and making it even on both sides.

While continuous practice does help with perfecting your technique, there are some hacks that you can use in the meanwhile. Check them out...


01. Do the dots

05. Use a bobby pin

If you were ever a fan of connect-the-dots as a kid, this should be an easy trick. Place tiny dots along your lash line in order to pre-define the shape that you want your winged liner to be. Once you’re done, just connect the dots to create the outlines and fill the rest.


02. Use your bottom lash line as a guide

05. Use a bobby pin

A major struggle with winged liners is to get them to be even on both sides. If you often struggle with getting the angle right, just use your lower lash line as a guide. After you’re done lining the upper lash line, create the flick as if it is an extension of the lower lash line. Once you have this bottom line, connect the tip to the rest of the top line and fill in.


03. The angled liner trick for hooded eyes

05. Use a bobby pin

It’s tricky to create the perfect winged liner for hooded eyes because if not done right, your craftily drawn winged liner will fail to show up. To avoid that, replace the thin flick with a bold rectangular one. Instead of the artistic flick, start by drawing an angled rectangular shape where the flick would be and then extend it in both directions to line the lash and create the wing. The rectangle adds a small bump to the wing and gives it the illusion of being defined.


04. Use tape for a crisp wing

05. Use a bobby pin

For a crisp wing, use the scotch tape hack to create a well defined wing. Stick a piece of tape as an extension of your lower lash line and in the angle that you want your wing to be. With the help of liquid liner, follow the edge of the tape to create your wing and once the line is dry, remove the tape and you are done!


05. Use a bobby pin

05. Use a bobby pin

Start by applying a liquid liner to the winged tip of the bobby pin, then hold it against the outer ‘V’ of your eyes and press the tip, with the shorter side on top. This will give you an outline of the wing tip that you need for your eyeliner. Use a sketch liner to define it and draw the rest!

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