4 Beauty Trends For Winter

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
4 beauty trends for winter

Winter is approaching its time to welcome new makeup trends for this season. To make your jobs easier, we have collated the 4 major beauty trends for the upcoming season to keep you updated on all things beauty.




Finding the right balance between a bold yet elegant eye makeup has always been quite difficult. You either end up making it too dark or too light. This eye shadow technique will help you draw a fine line between the two while maintaining the essence of both, the bold as well as the elegant, in equal proportions. Fill up the eyelid region with an extremely light or faint colour. White, peach and cream would be the most suitable options for this portion. Always highlight a bit of the lower line with the same blush. Then, using a darker and more prominent shade, fill out the remaining part near the outer end of the eyelashes. You can go for either red, brown or maroon for this part so as to give it a bold appearance. Finish evenly by mixing the colours well in the intersection zone, trying to keep it slightly towards the inner region.




Line your eyes in a minimalistic fashion for a more feminine and classier look. This is also an excellent option if you’ve already made multiple failed attempts at creating the perfect cat wing form for your eyes. This light toned eyeliner trick is pretty easy and takes less than two minutes to do the job. Draw a line starting from the inner eye and end it exactly near the lining of the outer eye. Do not try to pull it outside the natural eye shape. Make the line a bit broader in the centre, narrowing it down towards the edges.




Go bold this season with a bright shade of red or maroon. Let your inner festive vibes be channelled through your lipstick shade. The colour not only represents a joyous mood but also have other connotations to it. A bright shade of red is the colour of revolution. It is representative of the social conditions prevailing across the world currently.




While you’re going for bold lips and bold eyes, balance it with a minimalistic blush makeup. This will also help draw attention to all those distinctive facial features that you’ve highlighted. You can either use a light or a nude shade of pink, peach or of your natural skin tone to help accentuate your cheekbones.

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