Draping is a kind of contouring technique where instead of just the cheek, a blush product is applied in ‘C’ pattern — from your temples to the apple of your cheeks. This technique is used to give your face a lifted effect, with the illusion of higher and sharper cheekbones. Although draping is largely used for editorial and runway looks, it can indeed be worn as an everyday makeup look too. This has largely been made possible by women who like being more adventurous and bold with their makeup; thus, paving the way for OOT looks to be more popular. And turns out, there are more ways to drape your blush than one. 

Check out some of our favourite ones down below…

trendy blush draping looks

Image courtesy: @cute_cream_

01. Barely there

A drape that is ‘barely there’ can be done with an illuminating blush or even a tinted highlighter. This millennial draping technique can be used for your daytime makeup needs, where a touch shimmer on the high points of your face is all you need to grab-and-go for the day!

trendy blush draping looks

Image courtesy: @carrotstickbeauty

02. Peach flush

Draping a peach blush can do wonders to add some depth to your complexion, especially if you have warm undertones. The style also makes for a chic, monochromatic makeup look since you can wear peach on your lips and lids too!

trendy blush draping looks

Image courtesy: @amy.lr.donovan.makeup

03. Pastel power

A pastel twist on the popular rainbow makeup trend, pastel draping is done with loose powders in subtle pigments stacked on top of one another. We love how the rest of the face was kept nude in order to make the draped colours pop — totally adorable!

trendy blush draping looks

Image courtesy: @kaelasung

04. Temple tantrum

We know we said that we are presenting some real-life recreations of draping, but this look was too pretty to ignore! Maybe not the graphic detailing, concentrating the blush in your temple and fading it out above and below is a cool way to drape your blush. An OTT look that will look uber cool with your LBDs!

trendy blush draping looks

Image courtesy: @esantoinette

05. Multipurpose drape

A draped blush that not only contours your face but also acts as a base to work the vibrant colours of your eyeliner? Yes, please! Merge the base colour of your eyelids with your drape in order to create cool eye makeup. 

Main image courtesy: @beautyisboring