5 Liquid Highlighter Hacks You Need To Know Rn

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
5 liquid highlighter hacks you need to know RN

It’s been a few years since highlighters found a permanent spot in our vanity bag, and in their wake, left a trail of shimmer-laden cheeks. From making more prominent the grooves of lips, the inner corners of eyes, and the area under eyebrows, to enhancing even our collar bones — this product has proved its versatility time and again. But are you sure that you’re using your liquid highlighter to the fullest? Here are five ways you can accentuate any look with a few stipples of highlighter…

But before we dive into the hacks, allow us to introduce you to our current favourite liquid highlighter — the Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighters. These lightweight, super-blendable highlighters come in three shades — ivory, rose gold and bronze — that are suitable for all Indian skin tones. They are insanely pigmented and a little goes a long way with these babies. The best bit? They are non-sticky, transfer-proof and dry within seconds of application.


Mix it with your moisturiser

Contour your body

No time to apply a full face of makeup but still crave that lit-from-within glow? The Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter - Ivory has got you covered. Just mix one drop of the highlighter with your regular moisturiser on a mixing palette and mix well. Dab a fluffy brush into the concoction, and stipple your face with it before blending the product into your skin. Easy-peasy!


Wear it on your lips

Contour your body

Do you want your makeup look to revolve around your lips? Just dab a little highlighter onto your cupid’s bow to accentuate the fullness of your lips, and blend it in. Do this before applying lipstick. Once you’re done, fill your lips with a colour of your choice, and pat some highlighter onto the centre. Blend it outwards to create the illusion of a puckered pout.


Add it to your foundation

Contour your body

If your foundation isn’t lending your skin a glow, it’s time to introduce a few drops of the Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter to the dynamic. Just add 1 drop of highlighter to 2-3 drops foundation and mix well. Apply it evenly all over your face using a damp beauty sponge for an unmistakable glow.


Use it as a blush

Contour your body

If your matte blushes aren’t giving you that dewy look you oh-so-desire, here’s a hack you’re going to love. Scoop out some of your lipstick on a mixing palette and add a tiny drop of liquid highlighter to it. Mix well and dab it on the apples of your cheeks for a radiant flush of colour that’s bound to garner compliments.


Contour your body

Contour your body

Highlighters are meant to contour, chisel, and sculpt your face, but why limit it to the face? To balance the glow of the face, and enhance the appearance of certain parts of the body, you can swipe some of the Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter along your collarbones as well as the tops of your shoulders. This is perfect for an occasion that calls for an off-the-shoulder outfit. You can apply some to your shins for a more-toned look, or some of it along your spine if you’re wearing a backless dress.

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