BB cream is one of the most versatile yet rarely used makeup products. This makeup-skincare hybrid is a must-have because believe it or not, BB cream can come in super handy at times. If you haven’t already, it's time to add a BB cream to your online shopping cart right away!

We recommend the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++ as it hides spots and uneven skin tone, instantly giving your skin a healthy glow. It also comes with SPF 30 PA++ to protect your skin from the sun and prevents skin darkening. Scroll down to see all the times you can skip a foundation and use a BB cream to get even-toned, smooth skin.


01. When you are in a rush

When you are in a rush

Do you often wake up late and have to choose between washing your hair or applying makeup and then you choose the latter? Well, care for your tresses and give it a good cleansing and let the BB cream take care of your makeup. Instead of applying multiple products, simply apply BB cream to cover problem areas and get an even-toned look.


02. When opting for a no-makeup makeup look

When opting for a no-makeup makeup look

Going with a full face of makeup is not only time consuming but also out of trend. Minimal makeup and no-makeup looks are all the rage right now, and BB creams are the best way to achieve it. Spread a small amount of BB cream on your face and neck to get naturally flawless skin. Finish off with a coat of mascara and nude lipstick.


03. When you’re breaking out

When you’re breaking out

Those with acne-prone skin use foundation and concealer to hide their pimples, but sometimes this can result in more breakouts. End this vicious cycle by covering that acne with a BB cream, without further irritating your skin.


04. When you’re planning to take a lot of selfies

When you’re planning to take a lot of selfies

Yup, you read that right! When you plan to take many pictures, you want your skin to look as natural as possible. No matter how good your blending game, foundation and concealers settle into fine lines and appear more prominent in pictures, especially selfies. BB cream will correct and perfect your skin’s look, giving you naturally smooth and glowing skin.


05. When going to the beach

When going to the beach

No one wears makeup to the beach, because the humidity will anyway melt it away, making you look like a disaster. But if you want to make your skin look even-toned or have an impromptu photoshoot, BB cream will give you just the right amount of coverage. Plus BB creams come with an SPF factor, which means your skin will stay protected from damage while you sunbathe!