When it comes to makeup, we believe that there are no limits to how creative you can be. Other than the basics like how to blend your base or conceal, you can pretty much play around with the fun ones. Case in point - the highlighter! This little shimmery palette is besties with girls who love that ‘glow for the Gods’ makeup look. And given the most highlighters are either sheer, skin-toned or metallic, they do not disrupt the rest of your makeup look. Which means, you can use them in unexpected places without committing a makeup faux pas. Wondering where else to use your highlighter other than the classic high points of your face? We have a few visual examples...


01. The base of your neck

The base of your neck

Image courtesy: @alisher_makeuphair

If you are not a fan of highlighting your decolletage, you can take it a bit higher and apply your product to the base of your neck and the top of your chest. This gives your makeup a ‘caught in the sun’ vacay vibe that looks so good in pictures.


02. On the outside of your shoulders

On the outside of your shoulders

Image courtesy: @ortalelimeleh1

If you love weaning off the shoulder tops and dresses, you need to take your highlighter down to the outside of your shoulders. This gives them definition and makes them pop more, especially during a daytime soiree on a clear day. Dab some on the shoulder blades while you’re at it!


03. On your side profile

On your side profile

Image courtesy: @madisonbeer

Fan of filling your camera roll with mirror selfies that shows off the “good side” of your face? Apply youth highlighter in the side profile points, like the wings of your ose and the top right corner of your lip. It will be in addition to highlighting your jawline and the outer corner of your eyebrow.


04. On top of ear folds

On top of ear folds

Image courtesy: @polza_mua

There are a couple of times when you will need to dust your ear with a highlighter powder as well. Close up shots or occasions when you are going full glam and wearing your hair up can benefit from matching your ear to the rest of your glowy face.


05. Above your eyebrows

Above your eyebrows

Image courtesy: @nikki_makeup

You might already be putting highlighter on your forehead but the popular route is to do it in-between your eyebrows. Instead, focus your product on top of your eyebrows and extend it so that it blends into your hairline. This application technique can make your forehead look more defined by dispersing the light equally on both sides.

In need of an awesome highlighter that is ultra glam and versatile at the same time? We trust the multicoloured and silky formula of the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick to fulfil all of our highlighting needs!

Main image courtesy: @ortalelimeleh1