Here Are 8 New Makeup Trends That Team Bb Will Be Sporting This Season

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Here are 8 new makeup trends that team BB will be sporting this season

A far as beauty is considered, 2019 has been both revolutionary and versatile. While you can totally be in your beauty comfort zone by embracing the minimal makeup trend and play with pastel colours, there are some wacky trends like dark, Goth lips and bleached brows that you might want to consider! And, with yesteryears hottest beauty trends like metallic makeup making a comeback, we can surely say this is going to be one hell of a year for all the beauty buffs.

If you are also someone who loves trying out new makeup styles and is always on the lookout for hip and happening beauty trends of the season, you are going to love this story. As always, we have managed to curate some gorgeous and new makeup trends from the runways and otherwise, that you are going to see everywhere this year. Allow us to bring to you beauties the best of the beauty trends to try out.

From shimmery lips and brushed up brows, here are 8 new makeup trends of the year 2019 that you need to know about and try ASAP. Read on...


Dewdrop skin

Brushed out brows

Naturally dewy skin with no pores and blemishes in sight, just adorned with envious radiance, is the new makeup style that’s making waves in the beauty circle this year. Given the mad popularity it has gained in such less time, we can surely say that everyone is going to flaunt their glossy, glass skin this season. The clear, glass skin or dumpling skin is a Korean beauty trend; that is all about such incredibly smooth and glowing skin, that it actually seems transparent. Achieving this dewy face trend is no biggie though. Slather on a moisturiser on your face and cover the face with an illuminating foundation such as the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation With SPF 45. Apply the liquid highlighter on the highest points of your face for the dew dripping, buttery skin.


Silver leaf

Brushed out brows

Silver was the choice of shade for eye makeup on the runways of many fashion’s biggies. Who knew something as flashy and glitzy as silver would look incredibly chic on eyes?  Apart from using silver to line the eyes, inner corner strobing or feathering a soft silver eyeshadow on the eyelids here is another interesting way of going silver. Take your eye makeup a notch higher with the foil-like metallic silver painted on your lids. To achieve this look, mix your bright silver eyeshadow with petroleum jelly and apply it on the lids with a flat brush in a straight swipe. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about blending and what not with this trend!


Minimal neons

Brushed out brows

You can’t deny that neons and bright hues go well with the summer vibes. That is why vivid, eye-catching fluorescent colours are a huge trend this summer. However, there is a twist. You don’t need to go overboard with the bright hues. The key to pulling off this trend this year is going as subtle and minimal as you can. Grab a neon coloured liner and just apply it on the inner corner of your eyes and let the eyes do the talking. Another way to incorporate neon colours in your eye makeup is to line only your lower lashline with a bright shade like orange or green. Keep rest of the eye makeup minimal and let the neon colour pop.


Kira kira lips

Brushed out brows

Who doesn’t like a little shimmer right? Well, this new makeup trend has actually made a comeback this year. With glittery eyes and lips raging in the beauty world, you really can’t miss out on trying your hands on this one. We have been spotting shimmery lips on A-listers and celebs for some time now and it’s time you embrace it too. A little shimmer can add just the glam your sultry red pout needs. Wear your usual glossy or matte lip colour and apply some glitter with the help of a brush. Another way of making your lipstick all glittery and shiny is to apply a luminous gold eyeshadow on top of it. Take a small amount on your brush, tap it on the centre of your lips and blend outwards.


Wild Lines

Brushed out brows

If we had a penny for every time a girl said she can’t go about her day without an eyeliner, we would be millionaires by now. If you’ve been wearing your eyeliner the same way (drawing a wing or lining the rims), and are bored of it, you’re going to love this. Eyeliners just got more creative, graphics and artistic this year. Try your (steady) hand at inverse the cat eye, floating line, straight elaborate wing and more. Go crazy with your eyeliner styles and colours ladies!



Brushed out brows

A fancy term like blue eyeshadow sounds like a trend that takes pro skills. In reality, this is nothing but merging your blush and your eyeshadow to create a pigmented hue that helps lift your face and adds structure. If you are someone who is unsure of where the eyeshadow ends and blush starts most of the time, acing this trend will be a child’s play for you. It can be two-toned with different eyeshadow and blush shades or just monochrome with one striking colour. Remember to apply the colour only on the apple of your cheeks to the outer edge of the eyelids. Don’t go all the way to the inner corners and don’t use contrast or bright colours when working with two-toned blue shadow.


Pastel haze or candy coloured eyes

Brushed out brows

Love stunning eye makeup with soft pastel colours? Try this new makeup trend that took centre stage at the runways this year—it’s called the colour washed eyes! A pretty makeup trend with wishy washy colours like lilac, mint green, baby blue and pink, even softer shade of red around your eyes is a fresh eye makeup style for girls who don’t like bright colours and OTT makeup. This pastel halo around the eyes is really easy and quick to work too. Just take a cool, summery eyeshadow colour like a light pink or purple and apply it onto the lids till the crease. Line your lower lash line with the same colour and smudge to create a smokey effect. The rule is to buff the colour and blend well. This candy coloured eye makeup is just perfect for a day out in summer.


Brushed out brows

Brushed out brows

It wasn’t long ago when everyone was talking about the hottest eyebrow trends. Those thin, arched brows were however recently replaced by thick, fuller brows and today, we love it! While some crazy brow trends like a spiral or braided brows made us cringe, we got some trends that are actually gorgeous and worth trying.

Brushed up brows is yet another new makeup trend of 2019 that everyone; from models to beauty bloggers are embracing. To ace, this trend, take a spoolie brush or a clear mascara wand and brush your eyebrows upwards. Fill the sparse areas with your eyebrow pencil, to make your brows look thicker and fuller. The Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Brow Define will help you get the exact look. You can just sport bold red lips and fuller lashes with this and you will look insanely glamourous!

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