Permanent Makeup 101: All You Should Know About The Latest Fad

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
Permanent makeup 101: All you should know about the latest fad

Well, we all know what goes into really waking up looking like a million bucks. There is a lot of no-makeup makeup behind these natural morning selfies, and even Instagram filters. But, what if you did not need those? What if, there was a way to retain those perfect and full brows, those rosy lips and even those perfectly shadowed eyes? Guess what? There is a way. Permanent makeup is what you are looking for. And before you freak out let us tell you it is not a harmful stamp of coloured chemicals on your face. It is a good option, if you are really into it.

Well, this is where we will try and put all your queries regarding permanent makeup to rest. But read everything carefully. You do not want to be stuck with the wrong shade for the rest of your life. We mean, you can get it altered, but why take the risk when you can get the thing right in the first go?

Let’s get the basics of permanent makeup right. Know what you can do and what you cannot, and how you can truly be the influencer who wakes up with perfect skin and hair, every single day.


1. Lip blushing

5. Concealing

Well, as the name suggests, it truly makes your lips blush. That means it is a permanent makeup tattoo for your lips, filling and shading them so that you wake up to rosy lips every day. The difference? Instead of your favourite lip shade or lip paint, an instrument is used to fill colour on your lips, quite like a tattoo.

There was a time when this simply meant lining your lips. But since then it has reformed. Now, lip tattooing has become lip blushing and filling, wherein the entire length and breadth of the lips are filled in light strokes, leading to a kissed and just-bitten look. Natural and just what you aimed for, right?

Take your pick from an array of subtle shades. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a saucy red or gothic purple for the rest of your life. Our tip? Pick a neutral pink or brown which takes care of your lips’ pigmentation and also gives you a base to swipe over the shade of your choice whenever you want to.

If done well, this should last for a year before you hop on for another appointment. A gorgeous neutral lip shade that requires a touch-up only once a year. Not bad, huh?

Caution: Be prepared for the pain. Lips are the most delicate part of the body. Tattooing them requires a high pain threshold.


2. Microblading

5. Concealing

Agreed that bushy and natural brows are in, but those also need routine trips to the parlour or weekly tweezing to be in shape. Eyebrows are the most defining feature of our face. So much so, that changing the eyebrow shape can bring about a serious change in the way you look.

Microblading basically refers to a process wherein your eyebrows are shaped and tattooed. As a result, you have well-shaped eyebrows that are not sparse and have the right density. No more frequent or urgent threading trips to the parlour. Some variants of the process are also known as brow-feathering or microshading. The end result is common; to have natural-looking brows that do not require constant salon appointments or heavy brow makeup to look amazing.

This is heavily recommended for those who have sparse brows and require many brow gels and products every time they step out. Microblading is the answer to getting the perfect colour and texture as far as eyebrows are concerned.

The good thing is that one session lasts for almost a year and a half before you think of a touch-up. However, be aware of the sensitivity and conditions that your skin may be suffering from. We say this because microblading, at the end, is a tattooing process, and thus comes with all the pros and cons therein.


3. Eyelining

5. Concealing

Want to add some more density to your eyes? Or do you have small eyes and want to give the permanent illusion of having more defined and bigger eyes? If yes, then this is one permanent makeup process that you should definitely go for. This one is a permanent tattooing process that is done on inner lash lines (upper ones). There is also a double procedure wherein the lining may be done on both the inner and the outer side, thus giving a beautiful effect, just like your eyeliner or kajal does. This process also comes coupled with lash enhancement. This gives your eyes a more natural look.

A session of eyelining usually lasts for a year and a half before you have to go for a touch-up. Again, the usual risks involve those of tattooing, and of course, you need to know your own pain threshold.


4. Freckles

5. Concealing

Everyone likes cute freckles. While marks may not be as desirous, these small spots on the face do give it a younger look and an overall cute and pleasant appearance. While makeup artists across the world have mixed reviews on this rebellious trend, it is not that difficult to get done, to be honest. Also, amongst all the permanent makeup options, this one has the least chances of becoming disastrous for your face.

Freckles are something you can create on your own. We mean, just pick up a brown eye pencil or even a lip liner, and dot your face wherever you want those cute little spots to appear. But with permanent makeup, you get the advantage of having, well, permanent freckles. This does away with you having to draw your freckles with makeup every time.

Mostly, these freckles are created using a tattooing technique called ‘stick and poke’ wherein pigment is built from light to dark, depending upon the intensity wanted. Think of it as a gentle poking action on your face. This one also lasts for around a year and then you can come back for a touch-up if you want it.


5. Concealing

5. Concealing

This is one of the most popular ones. If you have scars from a particular accident or even birthmarks that you are not fond of, you tend to use heavy concealers. While it is a good solution, it may not always be convenient. Also, layering up is not everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, permanent concealing or correction is a good option.

This also is a tattooing technique, only here, flesh pigment is used to camouflage the scar so that your skin gets an even look. No more concealers. Yay!

These pigments, after being matched to your skin tone, are implanted in fine layers, slightly below the surface of the skin. Also, this takes a couple of sessions, usually three, that are spanned over six weeks.

Most of the people who opt for this are the ones with stretch marks. However, people can go for permanent concealing to get rid of blemishes and acne marks too. This is also one of the longest forms of permanent makeup and depends on how well you take care of your skin with adequate hydration, diet and with the most gentle skincare and makeup.

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