Beauty Lessons We Learnt From Jacqueline’s Instagram Feed

Written by Karan DalviSep 16, 2023
Beauty lessons we learnt from Jacqueline’s Instagram feed

If we decided to make a list of all the beautiful belles in Bollywood who’ve carved a spectacular path for themselves in showbiz in recent times, Jacqueline Fernandez is one name that would make the list unequivocally, probably even be at the top of it. With an accomplished career that has seen her garner critical acclaim and a host of awards, with many more movies and accolades yet to come, it is springtime for Jacqueline in the industry.

As of now, her gorgeous face is ubiquitous, right from being seen in commercials on television and on social media to being seen on the ramp and at important social gatherings and events (this ‘Jacq of hearts’ has a heart of gold herself and can often be seen supporting a number of righteous causes). With such a packed schedule, one might certainly wonder how Jacqueline manages to keep that alluring glow and freshness on her face most of the time.

Well, we flicked through her Instagram account (@jacquelinef143) to see if we could find the secrets behind her bewitchingly beautiful looks and here are some of the things we discovered.


She’s a water baby!

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It only took us a quick glance through her pictures on Instagram to come this conclusion. More than just a few of her pictures show her either splashing around in a pool or relaxing on a yacht in the deep seas, or strolling by the beach. With her close affinity to water, she always makes sure that she remains well hydrated, consuming copious amounts of water or juices whenever she can. To all those who were questioning water therapy, Jacqueline’s spotless skin should be proof enough.


A devout practitioner of Yoga

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The benefits of a number of different Yoga Asanas (postures) and breathing techniques for your skin, by improving blood circulation, digestion or just by helping keep your body temperature in check, are quite well known. We’re pretty sure Jacqueline knows all of this already and her glowing skin is only one of the upshots of her regularly practising the discipline.


She doesn’t skip on her beauty sleep

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Even with a schedule as hectic as hers, Jacqueline tries to ensure that she doesn’t compromise on her sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is extremely crucial for avoiding those dark circles, a tired puffy face and for keeping your hormones balanced. One to always catch up on some rest, whether post a long flight or an exhausting long shoot or event, Jacqueline can often be seen posting from her bed after a good night’s sleep.


De-stressing through music and dance

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Stress acts as a major factor in most of your skin related issues, often leading to inflammation and breakouts. Jacqueline deals with stress in her own way, either by listening to music or through dance. It doesn’t really matter which activity you choose though, it just has to be something that helps you calm down, even better if you’re deeply passionate about it.


Only the best and purest of products

Only the best and purest of products

Not one to fake anything, Jacqueline actually believes in and personally uses all the products that she endorses, be it the juices or the hair products like TRESemmé. Well, we now know the secret behind her glowing skin as well as the one behind her bouncy mane.

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