Nothing elevates your makeup game like that perfectly blended dreamy pink hue on the apples of your cheeks. When you use the right shade of blush it can warm up your complexion, highlight your features and even make you look younger. Since applying blush does so much for your look, you better get it right every time!

Choosing the wrong blush hue can do pretty much the opposite of what we just said and give you direct access to clown zone. Here’s a guide to help you select the right blush for your skin tone.

How to choose a blush

Fair skin tone

Vibrant shades might look very exciting, but look for shades that will enhance your fair skin the right way. Opt for shades like soft pink, peach or light coral to get that natural look. These shades will flatter your skin tone when applied in the right way. Lightly tap the colour onto your cheeks with your fingertip or buff with a powder brush. Too much product will create a harsh look, so be very careful while picking the product and applying it on your cheeks.

How to choose a blush

Medium skin tone

The best thing about having a medium skin tone is that you can use a lot of shades to achieve different looks. Pinks and peaches will give your skin a natural flush, whereas if you want to go for a slightly bolder or dramatic effect, you can pick shades of mauve. To find the right spot to apply your blush simply smile and see where your cheeks pop, that’s where your blush goes. While blending, take it outwards towards the eye area for the perfect application.

How to choose a blush

Deep skin tone

Here’s a simple trick to use while selecting a blush shade for deep skin tones. Go for a colour that looks crazy bright in the packaging. Deep shades of brown, reds and orange will make you look radiant and glowing. Powder pinks and light shades of corals and reds can end up making you look washed out. To get the right pop of colour, apply blush on your skin in circular motions on the apples of your cheeks and then blend outwards towards the ears. This will accentuate your cheeks and add a beautiful cast of colour.