After taking over the fashion world, geometric patterns and high contrast colours have successfully conquered the beauty realm too. In case you are wondering, we are talking about the colour blocking trend. Packing two or more clashing colours on your eyes and lips is the newest makeup trend this season and, well, it is giving us major retro vibes.

What may seem like a daunting look to copy, colour blocking can be done right if you keep a few things in mind.  Here are five makeup tips to remember while mastering this gorgeous technique without breaking a sweat.

colour blocking makeup trend

Break out the bold

Swap your nudes and neutrals and with bold colours like a bright pink or tangerine on the lips and a striking blue on your eyes. Experiment with colours and mix-and-match the shades. Some good colour combos to work with are blue and pink, deep yellow and burgundy and blue and orange.  

colour blocking makeup trend

Not more than three colours

Pick two colours—your primary and secondary colour—that are contrasting or complementing each other. Add a third if you want a dramatic look, but remember to pick one from the same colour family as the first two colours and use it to a minimum. More than three colours will just clash with each other and make you look like an artist’s colour palette. 

colour blocking makeup trend

Play with artistic shapes

Colour blocking isn’t just about bold colours but also about geometric shapes. Sure, you can go with your classic wing, but try and go crazy with creative shapes on your eyes to really get on board with the trend.

colour blocking makeup trend

Try the ombré effect

For a subtle yet trendy take on the colour blocking technique, try ombré  lips with two shades from the same colour family—one darker and the other a little played down.   

colour blocking makeup trend

Skip the shimmer

Don’t make it too complicated and over the top by adding specks of glitter to this technique. With so much going on with the colours and shapes, keep the rest of your look matte or maybe add gloss, but certainly not glitzy shimmer.  

Image courtesy: Pinterest