Seriously, what would we do without our beloved concealers?

From concealing those zits that you’ve been wanting to pop to successfully masking the fact that you haven’t got a good night’s sleep since 1997, concealers are literally a girl’s best friend.

But applying it is not always so easy. From picking the wrong shade to applying concealer in such a way that it cakes up and draws more attention to the area you’re trying to conceal - here are four common mistakes that you could be making and how to correct them.


01. Not moisturising enough

01.	Not moisturising enough

The area around the eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive, thus it’s necessary to keep it hydrated. Always pat some eye cream under your eyes and allow it to sit for a few minutes before going in with your concealer. Doing so will ensure your concealer doesn’t turn patchy and stays put longer.


02. Using the same shade all over your face

02.	Using the same shade all over your face

If you’re using just one shade all over your face, then that’s a mistake you should avoid. To achieve a flawless appearance, always pick a concealer in two shades - one which is your closest match, and one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Use the closet shade to conceal your blemishes and the lighter one to highlight your face.


03. Applying foundation on top

03.	Applying foundation on top

Remember girls - concealer comes after foundation and not the other way round. When you apply foundation over your concealer, you’re sort of rubbing away the product, defeating the whole purpose.


04. Not setting the product

04.	Not setting the product

Do not, we repeat, do not forget to set your concealer with powder. This will prevent the concealer from creasing and give your face a more even and natural-looking finish.