Does Cream Blush Cause Acne? We Investigate

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
 Does cream blush cause acne? We investigate

One minute you're feeling yourself. I mean, girl, look at you with your blush-laden cheeks, face-framing braids, and your iconic iteration of Posh Spice's trademark brown lips. But the next, you find yourself refraining from recreating the look again because...breakouts!

Yeah, such a bummer. But fret not; we're here to help you identify the cause of this seemingly-random breakout. Have you, by any chance, swept a cream-based blush onto your cheeks? Ah, in that case, you gotta read this. Don't worry. You don't have to toss your go-to blush in the bin. Yet.


Do cream blushes cause breakouts?

Are powder-based formulas safer for the skin?

You’re probably not checking the ingredients of the suspiciously-blendable blush you’re sweeping onto your cheeks at the moment. It’s a fact that a lot of these blushes are comedogenic ( products that clog the pores). And clogged pores result in… you guessed it —  breakouts! It’s just that such formulas blend into your skin seamlessly, and even though that sounds great, it’s not the best for your face.

Of course, we're not claiming that one product is the root of all of your skin-related breakouts. Acne is a complicated condition, and it has various causes like genetics, hormones, build-up of dead cells, bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, etc. To avoid worsening the situation, you must ensure that you're choosing the right makeup product for yourself.



What to keep in mind when buying cream-based blushes?

Are powder-based formulas safer for the skin?

You must look out for blushes - or any other makeup staple - that are labelled as non-comedogenic. If you’re prone to acne, make sure you’re cleansing your face thoroughly, cleaning your brushes, and opting for acne-specific treatments based on your skin type. Wash your hands before touching your face if you’re using your fingers to blend the product. Avoid products with coconut, flaxseed, palm, and soybean oils as these can clog your pores, and trigger breakouts on the skin.


Are powder-based formulas safer for the skin?

Are powder-based formulas safer for the skin?

That’s a valid question. But, nope. Again, it depends on the formulation of the product. Even powder-based blushes can contain comedogenic ingredients. The bottom line is that, regardless of textures and formulas, you must do your research, and check out the kind of ingredients added to a product.

Keep in mind that powder-based formulations are ideal if your skin is oily. These powders absorb the excess oils in the skin. But if your skin is dry, a creamy formulation is best. A powdered one might just dry out the skin further.



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