Face Washing: How Often Is Too Often?

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 16, 2018
Face washing: How often is too often?
In the process of keeping dirt and oil off our face we often end up washing our face more often than required. Is over-washing a crime you ask? Yes, it definitely is! So how do you draw the line and what does over-washing do to your face? We’re here to answer all of that more, read on to find out...

How often?

Face washing tips

Ideally, it is only recommended to wash your face twice daily once in the morning and once at night. Washing your face in the morning ensures removal of all the dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy. Whereas washing your face at night removes all the dirt, germs and makeup residue from your face that gets accumulated during the day. A third wash is only essential if you sweat a lot or your skin has been exposed to an extremely polluted environment.


Disadvantages of over washing

Face washing tips

Washing your face too often robs skin of its natural oils that are essential for a healthy and beautiful skin. When the skin feels too dry the oils glands habitually start producing more sebum that leads to acne and blackheads. Since the skin losses its barrier, over washing also gives your makeup products an easy way to seep into the deeper layers of skin and cause eczema and rashes. Dust, pollution and UV rays also cause damage when your skin lacks natural oils.


Face washing tips

Face washing tips

Remove all the dirt using a good makeup remover, one that effectively removes every trace of makeup and leaves you with fresh skin.

Use a face wash that has a deep cleansing action and eliminates the need for a third wash. The Pond’s Pure White Anti-Pollution Face Wash removes all the dirt and grime to reveal radiant and flawless skin.

If your face feels too oily during the day, make do with blotting papers that will absorb all the oil within seconds and give you a matte look.

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