Applying foundation is not exactly rocket science. Just pick the right shade and texture and blend like your life depends on it. However, as your skin changes with age, just picking the right shade and texture of foundation isn’t enough for smooth base makeup. Your technique too needs to be tweaked as soon as you start spotting those fines lines, large pores and age spots on your face.

But don’t worry. It still isn’t rocket science and with some tips and tricks, you can ace that base like a pro. Here are some foundation dos and don’ts for mature skin that can really change your beauty game and make you feel like a million bucks with a flawless base.

Foundation dos and don’ts for mature skin

Do: Prep your skin

If you’ve been doing your base makeup without moisturising first, you need to stop now. You need to prep your skin for the products to come so that they don’t dry out your skin. Also, well-moisturised skin means better foundation application.

Foundation dos and don’ts for mature skin

Don’t: Skip primer

A primer doesn’t only make your foundation last long and give you a super smooth finish, but also lightens blemishes and dark spots, and blurs pores, so you don’t need to use as much foundation. So apply a primer before your reach for your foundation. 

Foundation dos and don’ts for mature skin

Do: Pick a hydrating formula

Your skin gets drier as you age, so it’s better to use a liquid or creamy foundation rather than a powder one. Creamy foundation provides full coverage while liquid ones give you light to medium coverage. Pick any hydrating formula based on the coverage you want and use a sponge to blend.   

Foundation dos and don’ts for mature skin

Don’t: Match the shade

You have learnt to pick the foundation shade that exactly matches your skin tone, right? But as you age, your skin becomes paler, and your original shade might land up making you look pasty. We recommend mixing your foundation with a slightly warmer shade to get the perfect warm base.

Foundation dos and don’ts for mature skin

Do: Go easy on powder

Whether 15 or 50, less is always more, especially when it comes to base makeup. While working with your setting or compact powder, remember to use just enough to mattify and set your look. Go for a silky or sheer finish and buff it on with a fluffy brush.

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