Want Long-Lasting Makeup? A Primer Can Help You Bid Goodbye To Touch-Ups Forever!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Want long-lasting makeup? A primer can help you bid goodbye to touch-ups forever!

What’s the point of spending hours scoring a dewy base makeup, flushed cheeks and a bronzy look if it’s all going to fade away in a matter of minutes? Ugh, annoying, isn’t it? 

Making your makeup last all day long, especially on a hot summer day, is a task. But thankfully, we’ve found a way to fix that. If your makeup just wears off by lunchtime, you need to get your hands on just one beauty hero. Umm... ever heard of a primer? If not, now is your time to get one and include it in your makeup kit right away! Take a look at how a primer can make your makeup last longer and instantly up your beauty game.


Protects your skin

How to apply

A primer acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup, preventing makeup from clogging your pores, and thus reducing the occurrence of breakouts. What’s more? It also protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and shields it from pollution too. A godsend, indeed.


Repairs skin woes

How to apply

Thought primer was just a makeup product? Well, you’re wrong. Apart from making your makeup last longer, it helps with the upkeep of your skin too. A primer packed with vitamins and nutrients can help improve the texture of your skin, making it look younger and brighter. A gel-based primer in particular is super beneficial for oily-skinned beauties as it minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines.


Enhances makeup

How to apply

Want a healthy glow and an even skin tone? A primer is the solution. It can give you flawless, long-lasting makeup without any extra effort. How? It helps lighten blemishes, makes your skin look even-toned and lends that smooth finish. Even if you are going for a no-makeup look, a dab of primer can give you a smooth and even base to fake naturally healthy and bright skin.


How to apply

How to apply

Now that you know the benefits of this miracle product, applying it the right way is what will help you reap them. After your regular CTM routine, apply a pea-size amount of your primer all over your face and then reach for your base makeup products. We recommend the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer as it works as a moisturiser-primer-protector, all in one. It gives you a flawless base and helps your makeup last all day long. Plus, it is waterproof and has a matte finish, which makes it perfect for an oily skin type. A godsend, indeed.

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