The Correct Way To Apply Bronzer For A Beautiful, Sun-Kissed Glow

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
The correct way to apply bronzer for a beautiful, sun-kissed glow

You can definitely book a tropical vacation to get a sun-kissed glow, but a bronzer is the next best option when flight services are limited due to the pandemic. However, a lot of us are really skeptical when it comes to using a bronzer in our everyday routine, fearing that it might look too OTT… amirite?

But if used the right away and by following the correct techniques, it is indeed possible to make the bronzer an indispensable part of your everyday makeup routine. Don’t believe us? We come with proof.

Read on for a complete guide on how to use a bronzer to fake that sun-kissed glow.

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Step 01: The first step involves picking a shade of bronzer that matches your skin tone. We recommend the Lakme Absolute Highlighter - Moon Lit as the darker shade in the palette works beautifully with Indian skin tones. Always go for a shade that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone for everyday use. This will give your face some warmth, instead of making it look you got punched in the face.

Step 02: Take a little product on a large fluffy brush and apply the product along your hairline, below your cheekbones and the jaw. Remember to use a very light hand while applying your bronzer. Use a large fluffy brush to buff out the product and give your face a beautiful healthy glow.

Step 03: Remember: Solely using a bronzer on your face can look really off. Hence, it’s necessary to add colour back to your with the help of some rosy blush and highlighter. Swipe the blush on the apples on your cheeks and dab the highlighter on the highpoints of your face (top of your cheekbones, bridge on the nose, chin, cupids bow and under your brow bone)

Step 04: Finish the rest of your makeup and then spray on a generous amount of makeup setting spray to set everything in place.

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