We all know how unattractive mismatched foundation looks. Well, cakey, chalky-looking foundation looks worse. Thing is foundation is a very tricky product to work with, and getting it to look like you’re not wearing anything is a feat shrouded in mystery. To help simplify this process, here’s a complete breakdown of the techniques that'll help you get the most natural-looking finish when you apply foundation, every single time.

how to apply foundation for a natural finish

Prep your skin

If you have rough, dry skin, then it is going to make foundation application uneven and flaky. Therefore, always smooth your skin out by cleansing it, and then slathering on moisturiser while your skin is still damp. Allow the moisturiser to absorb before going over it with your foundation.

how to apply foundation for a natural finish

Pick the right shade

This is one of the most important steps to achieving a natural, flawless application. After hunting for a while, If you still haven’t found your perfect match, get two foundation shades, one lighter and one darker. Blend the two together to get a closer match for your skin tone.

how to apply foundation for a natural finish

Test in good lighting

After applying your foundation, always test it in good, natural lighting to assess just how your foundation looks on your face. The best way to do this is to go to your window and check as this will give the most accurate impression of how your makeup actually looks in daylight. Avoid checking your makeup in yellow or fluorescent lights.

how to apply foundation for a natural finish

Use your fingers

For a fast, streak-free coverage, always blend your foundation using your fingers, especially if you are using a liquid formula. But ensure that you don’t pile on product. Always start by dotting foundation on the areas where you need more coverage, like on the T-zone or cheeks, and then spread whatever's left over the rest of your face.

how to apply foundation for a natural finish

Buff with a sponge

For a really airbrushed, natural finish, a beauty sponge is your go-to product. Start by applying foundation with your fingers and then tap with a damp makeup sponge all over your face to even it out. This process helps to blur harsh lines and picks up excess product so your foundation won’t look cakey.

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