Foundation 101: Here’s How To Apply Your Foundation Makeup Right Every Time

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Foundation 101: Here’s how to apply your foundation makeup right every time

If there’s one thing common that all women really want, it is spotless, glowing skin. Isn’t it? If you are nodding in agreement, we get you! Whether you have inherited good skin or you are blessed with it; there are still some annoying blemishes and pesky teenage pimple scars that need covering and concealing. Makeup is that magic wand you rely on when you want your skin to be as smooth as a petal.

Well, we are sure your morning makeup routine consists of a foundation and a brush and you can’t think of stepping out of the house without some base makeup on. Flawless base makeup is the key to achieve a polished and spotless look. But how you do it is really important, ladies. If you don’t apply your foundation makeup properly, you can end up looking cakey, cracked and wax-like. That’s what a wrongly done base makeup does, really! If we have frightened you a bit too much, we are here to help you too.

Let us help you get your makeup basics right. From picking the right foundation texture for your skin to set the makeup right, here is a complete guide on how to apply foundation for a flawless finish.


Before you start...

Foundation: Set your makeup

Use the right foundation

For perfect base makeup, picking the perfect foundation is essential. And by perfect, we mean a foundation texture and shade that suits best on your skin. If you have oily skin, a powder or mousse foundation is your best bet as it will help mattify your look and keep it oil free. If you happen to have dry skin, go for a liquid or stick foundation. If you have combination skin with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, use a cream foundation and then mattify the look with a compact. Just as texture right shade is also important so that you don’t end up looking like a wax statue. Check the shade on your jawline and see if it blends with your skin tone.

And...the right tool to blend

You can use brush, sponge or your fingers to blend the foundation onto the face according to the kind of coverage you want. For minimum or light coverage you can use your fingertips. Use a synthetic brush for medium and even coverage and use a beauty blender like a foam sponge or silicone sponge for heavy coverage.


Clean your face

Foundation: Set your makeup

Always, always start with a clean, moisturised face. You don’t want your products like eye cream and night cream from last night to build upon your face makeup. Use a cleansing face wash and rinse off the leftover makeup, skin care products and dirt from your face. Also, moisturise your face with a lightweight moisturising cream so that the products to come don’t dry out your skin. In the morning, we suggest Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser SPF 24 PA++. It will protect your skin from radical damage when out. Slather on a gel-based moisturiser with for evening look for glossy skin.


Prep the skin

Foundation: Set your makeup

After you’ve cleansed and moisturised your face it’s time to prep and prime the skin. For long-lasting makeup and flawless coverage, priming your face is super important. It smoothens the skin’s surface and blurs out pores and blemishes. It also makes the foundation glide easily and helps you achieve a better finish. Use a pea size amount of Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer on your palm and apply evenly on face. Dab some on the acne scars and blend using your fingertips.


Take the foundation

Foundation: Set your makeup

If you’re working with a liquid foundation, take a gentle amount on the back of your hand and apply dots of product all over your face. If you have a cream foundation, use the stick on different parts of the face. They key here is to make sure you don’t miss out any spot on your face that leads to an uneven finish. If you want a dewy, natural glow, we suggest you go for Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Foundation and if you want more of a matte finish then get Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse 16Hr.  Apply a small amount at first and add more if you feel the need for more coverage when you blend it in. This will avoid overusing the product and, thus, cakey look.


Blend, blend, blend!

Foundation: Set your makeup

Use a beauty blender or a flat brush to blend the foundation. Gently stipple and spread the foundation in a tapping motion, instead of rubbing or swiping. Start from our cheeks and blend the foundation in an outward motion till the hairline. Then blend in the product on forehead, nose and chin. Don’t forget to cover the neck, sides of the nose, jawline and eyelids—spots which people usually miss out on. Make sure you have even finished and full coverage. Smoothen any lines that are visible and apply a small amount where it’s needed. It should blend it well with your ears and hairline.


Conceal the blemishes

Foundation: Set your makeup

Next step is to conceal the blemishes. Use a concealer to cover up the marks such as dark circles, acne scars and dark spots and get flawless look. Grab a concealer likeLakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer and apply it on the under eye areas and spots which need concealing. Blend it well using your fingers or a brush. 


Remove the excess

Foundation: Set your makeup

To make sure your foundation doesn’t transfer or the extra product doesn’t make you look like a wax figure, get the excess product removed from your face. If you are blessed with oily skin or you sweat a lot, you know how crucial this step is for you before you wrap up your makeup. This can be a little tricky task. Carefully press a tissue on the area where you see the excess foundation. Don’t wipe off, gently dab and remove it. Now use a damp makeup sponge and blend it again to soften the lines from where you removed the product.


Set your makeup

Foundation: Set your makeup

Last but not least, set you base makeup with a setting powder or spray so it lasts long and is flawless all day. This step ensures all the fine lines and textured coverage is blurred out and the look does not appear patchy.  If you want to mattify your look, use a setting powder like Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder and if you’re going for a dewy look, get a setting spray. Buff some translucent setting powder on your face using a fluffy brush to finish off your face makeup.

Check out this video to ace the perfect foundation makeup like a pro in simple steps.

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