Do you feel absolutely lost each time you are at a beauty store? Is your makeup junkie friend strongly forcing you to invest in some makeup for beginners? Whether makeup is a hobby you’ve picked up of late and want to start small, we understand that it can be quite intimidating. A lot of women claim that would like to wear makeup but are overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products, and hence end up ditching it altogether. It doesn't have to be this way.

The markets are flooded with so many products, that choosing what’s perfect for you could feel a tad bit intimidating. If you are looking to apply makeup for beginners, it is important to understand what product does what and the order in which you should apply makeup for it look seamless and flawless. In the beginning, it can be a little difficult to understand what each product’s individual purpose is, or even how to best apply it. But remember, every makeup aficionado was once a beginner.

Irrespective of whether you need to find the simplest way to do your makeup for a dinner date, want to look a little more awake at work or are feeling super inspired after watching 1053 videos of your favourite blogger doing makeup, we’re here to help you. This simple tutorial for how to apply makeup for a beginner is all you’ll need to take your first step into the exciting world of makeup...


Primer is of prime importance

Primer is of prime importance - Makeup for beginners

If there one product that people forget to wear more often than not, then it is the humble primer. If you are someone who considers primer to be a product that you can skip, then you are not getting the full mileage out of your makeup. A primer helps decrease oiliness, extends the wear time of your makeup and prevents the foundation from oxidising. Not to forget a primer also reduces the appearance of your pores, fine lines and wrinkles, for skin that looks smooth for the rest of the makeup products to glide on smoothly.



Foundation - Makeup for beginners

If you’re looking for makeup for beginners, you need to invest in good quality, lightweight foundation such as the Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation. This foundation has a super lightweight texture and is ideal for everyday use. This foundation blends effortlessly into the skin and does not look cakey at all.  It conceals skin imperfections and gives your skin a flawless finish. Apply a thin layer of this foundation using a brush or your fingers all over your face. Extend this application to your neck as well for an even finish. Always check close-up in the mirror after applying your foundation to make sure you didn’t leave any brush streaks as these can look super ugly.



Concealer - Makeup for beginners

Next up in this tutorial explaining makeup for beginners is using a concealer. Concealer is that magic wand that helps hide all the tiredness and puffiness from under your eyes and those pesky acne and acne scars. You can either use a shade that is the closest match to your skin tone or pick one that is one shade lighter to help highlight the area. Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer to even out the skin and conceal skin imperfections. Use the included applicator to blend and buff the concealer into your skin and blend it using a sponge. Set this base makeup using a compact powder to keep sweat away.



Compact - Makeup for beginners

A compact is that product that helps give your face makeup a pro-like smooth, matte finish. As a person looking for makeup tips for beginners, this is one makeup habit you need to incorporate from the beginning. The purpose of a compact is to mattify your base and make it sweat-proof and transfer-resistant for as long as you want to. If your days get stretched into nights, here’s the superstar that you should put your monies in. The Lakmé 9 To 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact is fortified with a unique Vitamin E formula to nourish your skin and give it a radiant look that lasts you all day.


Eye shadow

Eye shadow - Makeup for beginners

Once you are done with getting your base makeup right, it is now time to move on to your eyes. While it may seem super tempting to dress your eyes in a multitude of colours just like the last makeup tutorial you watched, as a beginner, applying several shades of eyeshadow can be an intimidating business. This is why start with getting your eye shadow makeup right by using just one or two colours. You can use the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – French Rose for this purpose. It has super wearable shades that can be effortlessly taken from your office to a party.


Line your eyes

Line your eyes - Makeup for beginners

After you have applied the eye shadow to your satisfaction, it is now time for some eye liner. This step will help some depth and drama to your eyes, depending on the look you are looking to achieve. If you are an absolute makeup beginner, we would suggest that you use a pen eyeliner such as the Lakmé Eyeconic Liner Pen Fine Tip - Black for a fuss-free finish. It has an intense, bold finish that helps you have precise control to achieve just the kind of look you have been looking for. Line your lower lid using your favourite kajal to add more dimension to your look.



Mascara - Makeup for beginners

If you want to take your eye game several notches higher, never forget the faithful mascara. A mascara helps add the right amount of drama to your look and makes you look bright-eyed in an instant. Invest in a volumizing and lengthening mascara such as the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Lash Definer – Black. It has a highly voluminous fibre brush that helps define and amplify your lashes to make them look super long and fluttery.



Brows - Makeup for beginners

Don’t forget your brows. If you want to look a few years younger, then well-defined brows are you need to have. Eyebrows enhancers are quite the indispensable part of your vanity kit since nothing frames your face better than your brows. Here is where an expert like Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil comes into play. Use it to define your eyebrows and look killer in an instant.



Blush - Makeup for beginners

Who does not love the amazing flush of colour when bae compliments you or the one that you have after a super satisfying workout session. But guess what? You can fake this flush now! Simply swipe a little bit of the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos to the apples of your cheeks and you will look bright, fresh and glowing in moments. Remember to not go overboard with your blush as you don’t want to look like a clown.



Lipstick - Makeup for beginners

The last step in this tutorial for makeup for beginners is the good ol’ lipstick. It helps pull your entire look together and give the required burst of colour to your face. Always a wear a lip balm before wearing any lip makeup if you to prevent your lips from drying. Line your lips using a lip liner to outline your lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Now go on and apply your favourite lip colour and voila! Your makeup look is ready.