Well-groomed and defined brows are such a quick and simple way to give your face an instant lifted effect. Amirite? But since visiting a salon is not an option due to the lockdown, here’s how you can conceal stray brow hair using... wait for it... a concealer!

Yes, you read that right, ladies. Applying a concealer around your brows is a great way to highlight, shape and define your brows, without plucking out a single stray hair *yay*. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you define your brows flawlessly.

concealer hack for defined brows

Step 01: Use a concealer that’s one shade lighter thank your skin tone; this will help highlight the brows and brighten up your face

Step 02: Next, go ahead and fill your brows, as usual, using the Lakme Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil. Use light strokes and fill in the gaps and sparse areas to make your brows look fuller and natural

Step 03: Now, locate the arches of your brows, and apply a thin layer of concealer both above and below your arch. Blend this out using a flat concealer brush. You can go ahead and apply a little more product if you need more coverage or if the stray hair is thicker in texture.

Image courtesy: Instagram